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Kuchibiru Tameki Sakurairo, Nana x Hitomi ya'll!

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Kuchibiru Tameki Sakurairo, Nana x Hitomi ya'll!

Post by midori's crazy398 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:49 pm

Ok, so, as most of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Girlfriends and anything Milk Morinaga related, the woman should be in the Yuri Artist Hall of Fame if there was one. After finishing the second and final omnibus for GF, i saw the advertisement for this book on the back of the last page and swore to buy it. Now that i've read it, (and have had it sitting in my library for a little over a month now) i have to say: Morinaga never disappoints. Kuchibiru Tameki Sakurairo is a collection of related oneshots that ran in Comic High! manga magazine from 2003 to 2006. The stories were previously released in Japan in two volumes, one focusing on all of the pairings, the second focusing only on Nana and Hitomi, the star couple of this oneshot series (These two are also considered to be the groundwork characters for the beloved Akko and Mari from GF, and it's definitely apparent in the stories, like literally, even the way they look is similar, i kept expecting Sugi,Tamamin,Kuno, and Urara to pop out of a hidden corner somewhere and start talking). In 2011, the Japanese put both volumes together and even had Morinaga retouch and add new details and stories to it, for a grand total of 14 interrelated stories that take place at Nana's high school and Hitomi's high school respectively. This year, that omnibus was translated into english and released, with all of the stories and other goodies kept in their original presentation. I am telling you guys, this. series. is. the. shit. Point blank and period. Though i will say there could be problems with the pacing of developing the relationships, but this is understandable since these stories are one shots, not a single focused series (like GF,DBZ,Sailor Moon,etc.), making detailed building next to impossible to pull off as there isn't as much time and leeway like in an actual series. Btw, the english translation is Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink, this is the name it's listed under for the english omnibus edition.

Here are the links:



Barnes and Noble listing (for purchasing a physical copy, or looking up a store near you that has the omnibus in stock)

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