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Mai Hime as a Deconstruction

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Mai Hime as a Deconstruction

Post by GAP on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:11 am

You know TVTropes considers it to be a deconstruction of the magical girl genre although it isn't surprising as the it is considered to be a prototype Madoka, what exactly does it deconstruct? Let's take a look as some tropes:

The Power of Love

One of themes of Hime is how there many types of love and how that very same can be twisted. The CHILDS are powered by the Hime's love for the Most Important Person but we know that when the CHILD gets destroyed, the person's loved one will die. Shizuru's character arc is also this, Shizuru genuiely loves Natsuki as friend and as a lover but she repressed her feelings for Natsuki up until the Carnival where she manipulated by the Hime Star. Shizuru wasn't really herself during the incident but despite this she was remorseful after the Star was destroyed. Love is a thing that can drive people to do crazy things that they never would had done however there is a difference between love and obsession.

Invisible to Normals

This a very common trope in some shows but it is deconstructed in Hime that the real reason for this is because the First District is most likely covering things up to avoid suspicion. Also, the damage in the Hime fights are not undone as in other magical shows and Sunrise can animate damage well.

Cannot Spit It Out

A lot of grief could had been avoided if Mai and Tate were honest with each other and just said their true feelings.

Transformation Scenes

The girls don't were frilly clothes as in most shows and it is possible to kill the Hime while they are transforming. Fortunately, summoning the CHILD usually takes a few seconds and the girls are savvy enough to avoid detection.

The Powers

The powers themselves get deconstructed as the girls receive their powers formt he villain of the story.

There Can Only Be One

The girls are much more likely to attack other people rather than each other but they coerced into by Nagi and the Obsidian Lord.

There are may tropes that it deconstructs but can Hime be considered to be a deconstruction?

EDit: There is a blog I found that explains better than I can. Here is the link.


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