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Prized Possessions - Chapter 6

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Prized Possessions - Chapter 6

Post by Bluholic711 on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:45 pm

The next day was afternoon. Hilda finally woke up, with a heavy hangover. She had accidently rolled out of the comfortable bed and sloppily got up. When she came to, Hilda realized that she was wearing nothing but a short purple shirt and a par of white, hi-cut panties. Her black hair was messy and in need of washing. "W-what happened?"

Then, She looked around everywhere. Hilda was inside an unfamiliar pink colored room. A few anime posters were on the wall. Hilda also noticed many small figurines of female characters. There is only one person she can think of who adored anime that much.

"Oh...crap." Hilda made a realization. "Don't tell me..."

"So, you're finally awake." Said a familiar voice.

Hilda quickly turned around. It was none other than Margret wearing cute pink pajamas. She was holding a breakfast tray in her hands. The tray consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and orange juice. Now, the dark skinned girl was wide awake.

"AAAHHHH!" Hilda shirked as she fell out of the bed yet again.


"Margret? How the hell did I get here?!" Hilda demanded. "Why am I in your room?"

"So, you don't remember anything?" the other girl asked, somewhat surprised.

"No, not really." Hilda replied. "I remember being in my room...and watching some cheesy soap opera. Then, I was at the kitchen taking a few swigs of my auntie's drink. That's all I can recall."

Apparently, Hilda had no memory of what had transpired last night. Margret sighed, walking towards the bed. "You were drunk last night.


"Yes, and you came to my house in the middle of the night." Margret explained. "You were a bit wild, saying things a vice student council president wouldn't normally say. But, I managed to sober you up in the end."

I…see." Hilda nodded slowly.

"I made you take a shower and allowed you to sleep in my room." Margret concluded.

Hilda rubbed the back of her head. "So…that's what wonder why my memory is so fuzzy."

"You've slept for a long time, you know." Margret commented.

Hilda looked down at the blanket. It was true. Ever since her mother passed away, and after visiting her father in jail, the she had locked herself away from the world until now.

"Yeah, it's been a while." Hilda said, with a sad expression. "And it looks like coming here helped me a bit. I'm sorry, Margret. I didn't mean to trouble you. I really didn't know what came over me last night..."

"It's all right, Hilda." Margret told the dark skinned girl. "Eat first, then we'll talk, okay?"

"Oh, thank you." Hilda took the tray and began eating slowly. There was a long, slightly daunting silence in Margret's room while Hilda ate. Margret watched her classmate carefully. She could tell that her guest was a little...despondent.

"Wow, did you cook this yourself?" The other girl asked, looking rather puzzled.

"Yes." Margret nodded. "You...don't like it?"

"It's all so delicious." Hilda said with a small smile.

The blonde haired girl blushed at the comment. "Really? I-I try not to be a chef but..."

"Really, I mean it! This tastes great." Hilda finished the whole tray in minutes. She seemed to be feeling somewhat better. Afterwards, Margret took the tray away. She came back with a bottle of water for Hilda.

"Thanks." Hilda replied, taking a few sips of the water.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Good question." Hilda replied. "I've haven't really thought about it. But, I know for sure that I need more time to recover. I don't think I'll be going back to school anytime soon, either."

"You're not thinking about dropping out, are you?" Margret asked with a worried tone. "You can't do that."

"Why not?" Hilda asked quietly. "I'm only popular for my grades and being a vice student council president. I'm the best at school because I was creating a different person. They don't know the real me. Never had, never will."

"Then, let them see the real you! You only have five more months until you graduate." Margret argued. "What will giving up halfway do for you? After all that hard work…"

"I know that!" Hilda interrupted with a trembling voice. "It's just…There's nobody else who will say my name like that anymore. No one, anywhere, to call me "Hilda" with such a loving voice…"

Hilda clenched her teeth. She looked like she was about to burst at any moment. Then, Margret caressed her face, forcing her to look into her eyes. What Hilda saw in those steel blue eyes were something she had never seen before. Those eyes were that of compassion, devotion, and love. Those were the same eyes that entranced Hilda back when they were at the movie theaters. Now she was completely attracted to the power and emotions that the other girl was conveying. A spark was ignited just then.


The other girl finally understood why she confided in Margret so much and vice versa. Not only was the girl in love with her but Margret actually cared about her. She didn't love her for her grades or talents at school. Margret loved Hilda for being Hilda! For helping her without hesitation. She wanted to become part of Hilda's world, for better or worse. The other girl's eyes begin leaking, like a dam had broken within them.

"Oh, Margret…!" Hilda said sobbing into the girl's chest. Moments later, she spoke again.

"I hated my parents, I loathed them with a passion. I wanted to know why they had left me. But…I didn't want to hear how they both felt about me. I was sick of feeling sorry for myself, for mom and dad abandoning me! That's why I acted like my parents never even existed from the very beginning. But then, if it wasn't for them, I'd never exist."

"And we never would've met or become friends." Margret added.

The other girl sighed. "I wanted to be a different person. I wanted to be the "Hilda" everyone at school admired and can rely on. But now, I can't be that façade, anymore. I don't want to."

Hilda met Margret's eyes again. "I...I have to change myself for the better."

"And you will." Margret told her. "Just take it one step at a time."


"So," the other girl asked. "do you want to eat some dinner next?"

"Sure." Hilda stared at the bottle for a second. Then the dark skinned girl placed it on the table next to her side of the bed. "But, there's something else...I want right now."

"Oh?" Margret asked, raising an eyebrow. "And what's that?"

"This..." She scooted over towards her friend, wrapping her arms around her waist. She was finally ready to cross the line of no return. The honor student finally realized from that point that she wanted Margret more than ever.

Hilda looked at Margret's face with a bright red blush and pressed her lips gently on her's. Margret was taken aback by this at first. But, after a few moments, she followed along. Margret's arms slowly wrapped around Hilda's shoulders. She enjoying every moment of kissing the girl of her dreams. Hilda laid the girl on the bed forcefully, holding the other's hands down.

Hilda's aggressiveness was turning Margret on. Her desires were now coming true. Hilda's lips were as soft as she had imagined them to be. She didn't want this to stop.
Suddenly, a strong sound of thunder and lightning boomed from outside. It scared both girls out of their wits for a second, causing them to fall from the bed.

"What the hell was that?" Hilda exclaimed, climbing back on the bed. "Thunder?"

"It sounded like it came from outside." Margret said. She got up and walked over to her window. When she opened the blinds, sure enough, a storm was happening tonight.

"Well, Hilda, it looks like you'll be stuck here until morning."

"...I'm cool with that." Hilda responded. She giggled.


"Did I hear a squeal just a second ago?" Hilda teased her friend.

"S-shut up!" Blushing a bright pink, Margret left the room. "I-I'm going to make dinner, now!"


The storm had continued until the morning. Since then, Hilda's been gaining back some of her strength. She was starting to eat more again as well. She was gaining a little weight, but that didn't bother Hilda much.

Hilda got out of bed, stretching her whole body out. She saw her old clothes from two days ago. They were folded up neatly on the edge of the bed.

She got dressed and left Margret's room. Just then, from the corner of her eye, she noticed someone talking to Margret at the door. Hilda hid next to the couch and got a better look. Her eyes went wide with surprise and fear. She knew who it was.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit! She's here. She's here!

Whitney's whole head was full of rollers. She was wearing a blue robe with pajamas underneath. And from the looks of it, the woman didn't look too happy. She must've found out that her niece incident two days ago. Hilda looked around, there had to be an emergency window, somewhere. Carefully, the dark-skinned girl backed away slowly, moving away from the couch. One of her feet accidently tripped on something. She stumbled, alerting Margret and Whitney.

Whitney walked past Margret and stomped her way towards her niece step by step, like a monster slowly advancing towards its prey.

"W-w-w-Whitney!" Hilda exclaimed. "G-good morning! H-h-h-h-h-how did you find me?"

"Your friend called me." The aunt answered, her dark eyes glaring daggers of death at her niece. Needless to say, she was not pleased at the moment. Margret felt the aura of rage around the older woman. She felt somewhat remorseful that she had to call her to pick up Hilda.

The frightened Hilda took a few steps back, she knew better than to mess with a very enraged aunt. Just then, she pointed at something from behind Whitney. "Hey, isn't that John legend?"

"Where?" the woman asked, her head turned. Hilda made a run for it. "HEY!"

And so began the chase. Whitney ran after Hilda from the kitchen to the living in a circle. It ended with Whitney running back to the living room, waiting for Hilda to run back over there. Hilda was greeted with her aunt's choke hold attack.

"Hah, fooled you!" Whitney smirked while tormenting the girl.

"Okay, okay!" Hilda exclaimed, struggling for air. "I shouldn't have ran! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Hearing this, Whitney released Hilda. Rather, she held her by the shirt with one hand. The other hand stretched out Hilda's left cheek. "I am so...cross with you, young lady!"

"Miss Whitney...?" Margret tried to get the aunt's attention.

"I could not believe what I've heard!" the aunt scolded the girl. "That poor girl...she had to take care of you all by herself! And you were drunk?! You're not even 22 yet! And my vodka tastes stale now, thanks to you! Wait until we get home. Just you wait!"

"Miss Whitney." Margret interrupted the woman's ranting. "I'm sure you were worried sick about Hilda. But, please don't get too angry with her. I understand what she's going through because I've also lost my mother. And I'm sure you can sympathize with your niece since you and your sister were forced to grow up on your own, too."

Whitney's anger eased down for a second. She wasn't expecting to hear that. "How did you know...?"

"Hey, what's with all the ruckus?" Just then, Margret's father came out his room. The thirty nine year old man had nothing but boxers. Whitney blushed at what she had just saw. Her brown eyes went wide, she seen him before. Whitney pushed Hilda aside and walked towards Margret's father.

Adam, felt just as captivated, advanced towards the beautiful woman in front of him. Everything disappeared in an instant.

"Why, hello." Adam greeted with a smile.

"Hi..." Whitney smiled back in a shy manner. "So..we meet again."

"It's certainly has been a while." the man replied. "How are you doing?"

"I'm great." Whitney blushed, looking down on the floor. "I'm sorry I've absent at the store for a an embarrassing way to see each other again. You're in boxers and my hair is a mess."

"I don't mind, actually." Adam smirked, lifting Whitney's chin up some.

"Auntie!" Hilda exclaimed with shock. "Snap out of it!"

"DAD!" Margret shouted at her father! "Stop flirting and put some damn clothes on, would you?!"
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