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Prized Possessions - Chapter 5

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Prized Possessions - Chapter 5

Post by Bluholic711 on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:41 pm

Two months later...

Hilda and Whitney were at Miriam hospital. They were visiting Hilda's mother one last time. She was a middle aged woman with black hair and black eyes, the same as Hilda. Due to being sick, her body was worn.

"Now, try talking to her." said the doctor.

"Patricia…" Whitney said softly. "Can you hear me? It's me, Whitney. I came back with Hilda. She came to see you."

Hilda stepped forward towards the bed. She stared at the women with a sad expression. "Mom…"

"Hilda…thank….you…" Patricia said slowly. She started coughing. "You're such a nice kid, for taking care of me."

Hilda shook her head vigorously. "T-that's not true. I'm not kind to anyone at all...!"

"You're being too hard on yourself, as usual." Whitney patted the girl on the back. "You may be a bit headstrong and at times angry with everything. But, I know that's because you're trying to so hard to shield yourself from your personal problems."

"Whitney..." Hilda pouted towards her guardian.

"Despite that, you truly are a kind hearted person at heart, aren't you?"

"I'm so sorry. I'm to blame for everything." Patricia said, her voice breaking slightly. "Back then, I was a selfish girl. A teenager who wanted no part in reality or responsibility. I caused you and my little sister nothing but pain."

"Mom…don't..." Hilda's raven black eyes start welling up.

"But…" the older woman added. "Seeing you again after 16 years. Caring for me and talking to me…that….means a lot, Hilda. I'm so lucky and thankful to have you as my daughter."

Hilda couldn't hold it in anymore. Her raven black eyes began leaking with tears instantly. She sobbed uncontrollably. Whitney embraced her for support. All of her bottled emotions began bursting out.

"Hilda…it took Whitney many days to think of a name for you." Hilda's mother said. "Do you know what your name means?"

"No," Hilda replied with a few sniffles. "What does it mean?"

"Hilda means "battle woman" because you've never given up on anything without a fight." Whitney answered. "You strive to be the best and work hard in everything you do. And although you think otherwise, you really have been awarded with good things in your life."

"What kind of good things are you talking about?"

"Only you know that, Hilda." The mother smiled. "You just gotta find out for yourself. Follow your heart."


"Please…tell Oscar…that…I still love him." Patricia told Whitney, her breathing becoming slow.

"No..." Whitney took her sister's hand. "You have to keep breathing...!"

"I'm so sorry, for not being there in both of your lives." The sick woman whispered remorsefully. "All I for you to find...happiness..."

It was happening. It was actually happening right before her very eyes. Hilda was losing her mother with each withering breath. Something screamed at the girl to reach out to the pale woman before it was too late. Hilda knelt down and grabbed hold of the dying woman's cold, limp hand. "Mom...thank you...for bringing me...into this world."

Margret was inside the waiting room until she heard footsteps. She stepped into the hallway and spotted Hilda.

Hilda had just left her late mother's room, eyes were completely lifeless. She was limping from left and right as she walked. She didn't seem to be functioning right.

"Margret..." Hilda said as she stopped at her tracks. "you came..."


"Mom is gone…" Hilda said softly. "She…died." Hilda was still struggling to come to terms with what happened. She watched her own biological mother pass away right before her eyes.

Overcome with grief for her classmate, Margret ran up to her and embraced her tightly. This simple action was enough to bring Hilda on her knees, crying. Both girls stayed there for moments, almost hours.

"Thank you…" Hilda hugged her friend back. "Margret, would you mind…staying with me for a little longer?"

"Of course not." Margret spoke gently. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Margret…please…stay by my side. I might die if you don't...!"

"Shh, don't talk like that..." Margret stroked the girl's hair slowly. Her embrace wasn't going to lesson anytime soon. "I'll be right here, with you."

Margret was going to be her light. The light that would shield the grieving girl from the darkness that was threatening to slowly devour her broken soul.


Four days after the funeral, Hilda and her aunt went to visit Hilda's father, Oscar, who was in jail for drug dealing. Hilda was expecting her father, her deadbeat, lousy father to appear uncaring about what happened in her teenage life. She wanted to call him out and chew him out for his irresponsibility to take care of her and her late mother.

Instead, Oscar showed regret and remorse for the damage that he caused to Hilda and their family. He expressed affection. He was genuinely kind and nice to Hilda. This wasn't suppose to happen. Hilda wanted to hate her dad forever, but she could not bring herself to even yell at him. His time in prison truly was redeeming him for the better.

The girl felt relieved and yet even more confused than before. Both her parents have changed. They were happy for her new life. And she ended up accepting that fact.

A week later, Hilda was in an emotional withdrawal. She was all alone in room filled with darkness. Nothing else was on besides the television. Hilda didn't eat or sleep much at all, either. There were bags underneath her eyes and well tamed black hair became unkempt. Most of the bangs were covering her crestfallen visage.

She was switching from channel to channel endlessly. Hilda was just staring at the cube like a zombie under a deranged trance. Suddenly she stopped at a soap opera channel.

In the soap opera, there was a character that was "drowning her sorrows" with alcoholic drinks. She was numbing down the pain and despair she was going through, which the viewer could relate to. Just then, the scene feed Hilda an idea. Hilda never drank for obvious reasons. But, perhaps, the dark skinned girl could make an exception, just this once.

For the first time, Hilda left her gloomy room. She entered the kitchen and approached the fridge. When she had opened it up, there was some left over food and a lonely bottle of rich Devil Springs Vodka in the left corner.


It was 11:30pm at night. Margret felt some concern for her friend, considering that it's been a week since she's last seen her. She hoped that Hilda would recover very soon and return to school with her. It didn't really feel the same without the dark skinned girl in homeroom and other classes. She missed Hilda. But she knew it couldn't be helped until the other girl was ready to move on.

Margret had just finished washing the dishes until she heard the doorbell ring. It was probably her father coming back from work early. The blonde dried her hands off, sprinted towards the door and opened it to reveal a surprise visitor.

"*Hick* Hey there, MARGRET!" Hilda greeted loudly as she stepped inside the house and nearly fell onto her friend's shoulder. Her spring shirt was slightly undone. Her face was a deep red with intoxication. Raven black eyes were hazy and dull. "Whatcha doing in here? Do you wanna-"the rest of the girl's sentence was garbled.

Margret gasped and placed both hands on Hilda's shoulders, keeping her classmate steady. "H-Hilda! What are you doing here at this hour?" Within an instant, the other girl smelled hints of alcohol. "Wait, are you…drunk?!"

Hilda was swaying from left and right. "Maaaaaaaybe…" she replied "Does it look like it?"

It should be obvious, judging by the looks of her. Margret gave some thought about it.

This should be my chance. Wait, what am I saying?! Hilda is drunk. I can't take advantage of her. Not like this. I need to be stern. All right, Margret, just play it cool. Act normal...

"Are you at least drinking some water?" the blonde girl asked.

"Nope~!" Hilda sang, hiccupping all the while. "I'm 100 percent *hiccup* WASTED!"

"I can see that..." Margret remarked. "Now, lower your volume and come sit down here. You definitely need some sobering up to do."

"'am!" Hilda responded with a quick salute. She walked clumsily with Margret. The other girl watched the drunk carefully. She wanted to make sure that Hilda didn't hurt herself while taking a simply short walk to the living room.

"Dude..." Hilda whispered. "I can barely stand up right now..."

"Keep walking." Margret ordered her with glaring eyes.

"Margret, when were you *hiccup* taller than me, huh?" Hilda said, patting the other on the head, roughly. "Did you drink a lot of milk?"

"Ow! Hey!" Margret took Hilda's hand and dragged her over to the living room. "Quit playing around."

"Your body looks…so damn fine!" Hilda admitted outright. "Mind if I touch those tits?"

"Excuse me?!" Margret exclaimed, swatting the arm away from her. "N-n-no!" Then, she proceed to push the drunk 18 year old on the couch. "Hilda, wake up! You're acting like a moron. Now's not the time for this. I understand that you've been through a lot. But, you shouldn't be using alcohol."

"Come oooonnnn~!" the intoxicated Hilda said, seductively and creepily. "Give me those boobs! They'd look a lot better on me."

"Ugh! You're so noisy." Margret huffed and crossed her arms. "No means no." The honey brown haired girl blushed a bit and looked at her inebriated crush. Even if it would play out one of her most secret fantasies, Margret had to resist the urge.

"It's *Hick* just a simple touch!" Hilda shouted, slamming the small table. Then she shifted back to smiling and gazing. "Fine, then! To hell with this shit! I'll just *Hick* stay here and cry myself to sleep…"

Margret rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She came back to the living room. "Here, drink this."

Hilda snatched the glass and took a one swig of it. Moments later, she was starting to calm down a little. "There was nobody there at the funeral this morning. Mother didn't have a lot of friends at the ghetto. Figures..."

Margret placed a hand on Hilda's shoulder. "I'm really sorry to hear that."

"I don't understand...I thought I was at the top of my game." the intoxicated Hilda sniffled. "I lost to the pickle..."

"How did you get here anyway?" Margret asked.

"I took the bus..." Hilda answered. "The driver wasn't *hiccup* fast enough! Weirdo kept looking at an animal, kicked me out halfway. He must be working...for the pickle tribe to slow me down.."

Margret remained silent and waited for Hilda to finish her drunken ranting. "All right, let's get you washed up." Margret insisted, making Hilda stand up and walk. She brought her over to the bathroom.

"Now, undress yourself and get in the shower." Margret told her classmate."I'm going to find some pajamas for you."

"Fine..." Hilda murmured as she took off her jacket, shirt, and jeans. She stepped into the shower and began bathing.

Afterwards, Margret proceeded to escort the exhausted Hilda to her bedroom. Once there, she slowly settled her friend down on her bed. She covered her up with the blankets and laid down next to Hilda. The classmate's hair had grew longer, sticking to her face. She looked very cute as she slept, causing the other girl blush slightly while watching her sleep. Margret planted a light kiss on Hilda's cheek before cuddling up to her and falling asleep herself.
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