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Kazemon15's AMVs

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Kazemon15's AMVs

Post by Kazemon15 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:00 pm

Hello, I'm an AMV maker and have won various cons over the years. I'll be posting some of my videos that I'm proud of or were aired/won at conventions. Most of these AMVs I'll be posting are avaliable for download for free on my anime music video account here (but you need to register to download).

Click here if blocked in your country.
KuroKiiro Festival II 2010 - Action Finalist
Anime USA 2010 AUSA 2010 - Action Finalist
Anime Los Angeles 2011/ALA 2011 - 2nd place Pro and 2nd Place Best in Show
Anime Milwaukee 2011 AMV Contest - Action Finalist
Katsucon AMV Contest 2011 - Best Drama
Sakura-con 2011 - Action Finalist
ACEN 2011 - Action Finalist (Not played played at con due to technical difficulties)
Otafest 2011 - Best Action and Fan Favorite
Fanime 2011 - Best Action
AnimeNEXT 2011 - Best Action

Animazement 2010 - Drama

AnimeNext 2012 - Action Runner-up
Otakon 2012 - Action Finals - Vic's Pick

Acen 2009 - Action finalist
Fanime 2009 AMV Contest - Best Action
Avcon 2009 - Action finalist
Afest 2009 - Action Finalist
Anime Banzai 2009 - Action finalist
Youmacon 2009 - Action Finalist
Bakuretsucon 2009 - Action Finalist
Nekocon 2009 - 2nd Place Action
AUSA 2009 - 2nd Place Action

Sakura-con 2011 - Action Finalist

And of course, my newest Mai Hime video:

I'll post more later. ^^
Fuuka Academy Student
Fuuka Academy Student

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Re: Kazemon15's AMVs

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:37 pm

Impressive resume there, Kaze! Your videos are really good. Most AMVs forget to match the footage with the heart and soul of not only the series, but also the chosen song. You pulled it off nicely. I'm hoping luck is on your side at Otakon this year, we'll be rooting for you. Shizuru Fujino


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