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Mai-Otome: Decision (ongoing)

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Mai-Otome: Decision (ongoing)

Post by Minagi Mikoto on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:38 am

Dear all, this is a fanfiction that I started in 2009 and uploaded to
Though I have still not uploaded anything since then, I plan to do it in one or two month. There are probably some english errors that I'll be grateful if you beware me of them. Also, any reviews, compliments or criticism are most welcome! Hm!

Main Characters: Arika Yumemiya, Nina Wang

Genre: Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy, etc. :D

Summary: One year after the Yuna incident (Mai-Otome Zwei), Nina and Sergay have returned to Windbloom as Nina remains as Mashiro's Otome unbeknownst to Sergay and public on Five Column's decision. This story follows the events happening thereafter with including all characters but with concentration on Arika and Nina.

Ok. Here is the chapter one. I'll post the second chapter soon. Please enjoy and do not forget to leave a review! Hm! :)

It was a bright shinny day. He stared at the forest in front of him, as he heard a familiar song from inside of it. Then He walked into the forest but couldn't feel the ground. He felt for some reason very light. He heard the song more clear now as he saw a girl with brown hair and pigtails singing while birds and squirrel were around her. He tried to call the girl's name, but he couldn't just remember it. The girl stopped the song and looked back at him. Then she changed to a young woman with dark brown hair and a strange blue necklace smiling at him. "Lena!" He yelled and then felt the sun getting closer and warmer as he closed his eyes...

"So you are awake" Said a dark blue haired girl standing at the door, holding a pocket of bread.
"Good Morning, Sergay".

"Hmmm -yawns- Good Morning, Nina" said Sergay after he sat in the bed. "What time is it? Ah! It's Already 10. How much have I slept?"

"Well you are a sleepy head as usual" said Nina pouting in a sweet way while taking her clothes off.

Sergay smiled. "It's already that late. Shouldn't you be at your part-time job?"

"Today is holiday! We just have to celebrate today!"

"Celebrate? What are you talking about?" said Sergay with a confused look.

Nina smiled and blushed a little "just assume that today is a special day, OK?"

"Well let's see, today is ..." he picked up a small calendar on the desk near and opened it "September 7th ... Windbloom's Queen Mashiro Blan de Windbloom's Birthday?! You must be joking! You are going to celebrate this?!"

Nina blushed further "W-Well, no, this is ... this is my birthday too, and one of my friend's"
"Your ... birthday?" said Sergay a bit surprised. Then he smiled "you should have told me earlier, since I could buy..." he frowned at that and said with a sad smile "Well it's true that I don't have any money on my own".

"Sergay..." said Nina as she looked down feeling ashamed.

"Anyway, this is really a surprise that yours and Queen Mashiro's birthday are the same ... and wait you said that it's one of your friend's too? What a coincidence" said Sergay who suddenly seemed cheered up. "So, I suppose she lives in Artai, right?"

"Huh?! Y-yeah" Nina cut her sentence, obviously worried.

"Hm? Is something wrong?"

"No, it's alright" answered Nina looking down sadly.

Sergay looked down frowning; sadness could be read from his face. It's always like this. I'm not supposed to know anything.

He put his cheerful mask on again. "So for your birthday, you don't have any friends living nearby, right?" said Sergay with jocular tone.

"Well, this is ..."

He put a finger on his chin saying "Then we have to hold our little party by ourselves. I'll better become prepared for that" he winked joyfully and got up from the bed.

"No! You don't really have to!" said Nina with a light blush.

"Well, you are now 17 aren't you?" said Sergay wearing a white shirt.

"Yes". It's been exactly 8 years since then, Sergay.

He took a look at the calendar again "It seems that Queen Mashiro is 17 too ... this is quite strange" he looked down thoughtfully and suddenly looked straightly at Nina "Don't tell me that your friend is also 17?!"

Nina's stream of thoughts cut at that comment "Huh?! Ah, yeah, she is".

Sergay could hardly hide his surprise "Well, if there was any similarity between you and Queen Mashiro, I would have said that you are sisters or something!" he said humorously.

Nina smiled at the comment. "Well, I'll go prepare breakfast" She said.

"OK. I'll go take a shower. Would you like to join?" he said with a joyful wink.

Nina's face turned a shade of red "No! It's fine! I'll go another time!"

"Alright then" he said chuckling a bit while going to the bath.

Nina went to kitchen and put the pocket of breads on the cabinet.

She put her hand on a green crystal on her left ear and sighed.

Opening! (Dream Wing, Crystal Energy or anything else!)
We are 17!

Earlier, One Week after Yuna Incident

Garderobe's Principal sat down on her chair positioned at the top of the table where rulers of different countries or their representatives sat behind it as well.

"We will now begin the second SOLT, Strategic Otome Limitation Talks".

"Principal! May I start a discussion?" said a middle aged man with dark brown hair.

Natsuki frowned a little "Please, King of Florence, Charles Guinel Roy de Florence" She said with a polite tone.

"Although it may not be very suitable to be discussed in this kind of meeting, especially that it is held in Windbloom. But I feel that we must question the title of it, before making any discussion" the former said with a bitter smile.

Confused looks exchanged from around the table mixing with whispers of "what does he mean?" until Natsuki ended up the situation "Please let the Council know what do you exactly mean?" Her tone was still polite, but anger could be felt from it.

He made a little cough and replied "Well, by now it has been known by everyone that Otomes play the key role in the fate of universe, so why would we have to make them disappear?"
Queen of Remus shook her head as agreement, while the others didn't seem to be in much agreement with his words.

Natsuki frowned before saying "Your Majesty, I think we settled ..."

"And besides it seems that this Limitation is not too general, regarding to the fact of formation of Otome Delta Force in Aries and sending one of Five Pillars to Artai as so-called peacemaker. And there is no representative present from Artai too" said King Charles harshly interrupting her. Queen Mashiro frowned at the last sentence.

"King Charles, I think we should trust the Principal, I mean the whole being of Garderobe, because at those entire terrible crisis they were the ones who finally saved the world" said King of Annan Nguyen Bao with a calm smile.

"That's the best reason that we should not limit their powers!" shouted King Charles as he rose from his seat.
"Ah!" Natsuki sat on her chair with a load sigh "This really drains me out".

"It can't be helped for now" said a brunette woman while pouring some tea in two cups.

"Thanks, Shizuru" Natsuki took the cup from Shizuru's hand.

"Really, what's wrong with that man?! He must have forgotten that it was him that signed a deal with Nagi back then" said Natsuki with an annoyed pout.

"Don't let it bother you that much. Besides it is not like that all of what he said was wrong" said Shizuru with a calm smile.

"What do you mean?" Natsuki seemed concerned by what the other said.

"Well, Artai currently has no leader and many of its people feel uneasy about Nagi being kept at a prison of Aries. Although most of Cardair has accepted the new king, but some noble families do not appreciate King Kazuya. And there are many Schwartz Slave masters who still haven't disabled their stones. I think we can't except from them to abandon their main power in this situation"

Natsuki held the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger "how are these going to be solved?" she faced Shizuru "on the other hand, did you talk with her?"

"Yeah, she agreed to do it. But do you really think this is OK? I don't think she really want to remain an Otome in her heart" Shizuru seemed a bit sad.

"I don't have a choice for now" Natsuki got up from her chair and walked toward the window before sighting through it "For now nobody is going to lose their power, so we must keep up Garderobe's power" she turned to Shizuru smiling "I lost the bet. We can't make Otomes disappear for the time being".

Shizuru smiled "If you say so then let's do it, Principal"

The door was knocked in a gentle way and Natsuki turned to face it "Yes? … Miss Maria" said Natsuki as the later entered the room.

"Principal, I have been aware of your decision about Nina Wáng. But you must know better of everybody that it's completely against the laws. Making contract must be done with decision of Garderobe Council" She faced down closing her eyes "I think her contract must be undone"

"I understand your concerns Miss Maria, but this is a critical time for Garderobe, I mean for the world. For now no one is likely to give up their power, therefore we must use every chance that we get. Nina Wáng's ability as an Otome has been proved, and I'm sure that there is no one better than her that can handle such a powerful GEM. After all we managed to defeat Yuna thanks to her cooperating with Meister Arika" said Natsuki with a serious tone.

"But the Council definitely will not accept that"

"I know. Therefore we must keep her contract secret. However we have to discuss it with other Pillars as well"

Miss Maria thought for a bit before saying "I understand. Then I shall arrange The Meeting of Five Pillars"

"Thank you, Miss Maria"

Miss Maria bowed a little before exiting the room. Natsuki turned again to the window, sighting the horizon.
"We will now begin The Meeting of Five Pillars" Second of Five Pillars Principal Natsuki Kruger almost shouted.

"Alright calm down, we can all hear you" said the Forth of Five Pillars Meister Juliet Nao Zhang with a low voice and a bored face. But angry face of Principal and a soft giggle from Third of Five Pillars Meister Shizuru Viola proved that they both could hear her.

"Today's meeting topic of discussion is about the unofficial contract between Queen Mashiro Blan de Windbloom and Nina Wáng. Miss Maria, Please" said Natsuki trying to act as formal as she could.

Miss Maria opened he door and Queen Mashiro alongside her Meister Otome Arika Yumemiya and Nina Wáng entered the room.

"Please seat down your Majesty" said Natsuki before Mashiro sat on a chair in front of her and between First of Five Pillars Meister Sarah Gallagher and Fifth of Five Pillars Meister Maya Bryce. Arika and Nina stood behind her on different sides of her.

"Let's get straightly to the point. According to the current global situation, I suggest that the unofficial contract that Queen Mashiro and Nina Wáng held to remain valid, of course based on their agreement"

"What the …?! -Coughs- I mean what is this about? I thought this meeting is for canceling their contract" said Nao with an annoyed voice before she looked Nina.

Natsuki frowned a bit as she made a mental note for another punishment trip for Nao! "Meister Nao, I have already said that it is about the global situation".

"But you can't make her! She doesn't want to become an Otome" Nao almost shouted.

"Nobody is making her Meister Nao. She has chosen this herself" said Natsuki, anger could be felt from her words.

Nao faced Nina before saying "Hey Nina, do you really want to be an Otome?"

Nina faced down before she could mumble a weak answer "Well, yes"

Nao was becoming angry "Are you stupid or what? Do you think this world is in lack of Otome or something?"

"Please calm down Meister Nao. We are in the middle of an official meeting" said Meister Sarah with a serious tone which was answered by an angry pout. Then she faced the Principal "But Principal you know it is against the laws. It is to be decided along with other countries in Garderobe Council"
"I know but as I said global condition specially that of Artai, I suggest we must not lose this chance for increasing power of Garderobe -coughs- I mean Windbloom".

Mashiro smiled before saying "I plead agreement from you. I think it is for sake of both my country and Garderobe"

The room went in silence which then got slightly broken by soft whisper of Arika "Do you really want to remain an Otome Nina?" which caused a frown from her master.

"What do you say?" Natsuki broke the silence.

Sarah nodded in a thoughtful way "I think it is fine. But his has to be kept secret from other countries. Even the people in Fuka Castle mustn't know about this. Do you understand your Majesty?"

"Of course" stated Mashiro in a serious tone.

"So, I think it's decided then" said Natsuki which was followed by two nods from Shizuru and Maya.

"I refuse" stated Nao with a loud voice.

"Can we know the reason of your refuse Meister Nao?" said Natsuki who internally was about to burst from anger.

"What if she regrets it later" Nao blurted out.

"-clenches her teeth- As I said, she is not forced to do so. Besides whenever she wants to eh … start a new life -Nina blushed as Arika looked at her a bit confused- , she can ask us to nullify her contract"

"It's decided then" said Natsuki.

Miss Maria closed her eyes before facing Nina "You should know it for sure Nina Wáng, as an Otome you must follow the rules; do you understand?"

"Of course, Miss Maria" said Nina with a serious tone as she held her head up. Nao frowned at the sight.

"But there is an important issue, Principal" said Sarah suddenly which caused attention of everyone in the room.

"What is it Meister Sarah?"

"If Meister Nina continues to live in Artai, there will be no point in holding the contract. So I suggest that she be moved to Windbloom near the Fuka Castle" answered Sarah. Nina, Arika and Nao's eyes got a bit wide.

Natsuki closed her eyes and coughed trying not to be embarrassed "Of course Meister Sarah, I was just about to say it". "So Meister Nina, what do you say about this?"

Nina looked at the ground for a moment hesitating, and then she finally held her head up "I will do it". She said with dignity. Nao's expression at the moment could be read as feeling pity.

"And another thing Meister Nina, now that you have a contract with Queen Mashiro, you share your life with her, and of course With Meister Arika as well -everybody looked to Arika and Nina as if they haven't noticed that and those two looked at each other surprised-. In other words you are bound with the destiny of a country, so take good care of yourself" said Sarah with a kind smile.

"Yes" was the firm and loud answer of Nina.

After the meeting Mashiro, Arika and Nina walked out of the room together.

"Hey Nina!" Nao called.

"What?" Nina turned her back.

"Can I have a moment with you?" said Nao as Mashiro and Arika faced her as well.

"Y-yes, of course Nao-senpai"

"We will wait here for you Nina" said Mashiro.


Nao took Nina to a corner before saying "For crying out loud, what are you thinking of remaining an Otome? Didn't you want to live with Sergay?"

"This is" Nina blushed a little. "I just want to be able to protect my friends and to make up for the mistakes that I have made" she said with a sad voice.

Nao looked at her for a moment before saying "I guess there is no point in arguing with you; you are as stupid as usual". Nina managed to make a sad smile in response.

Nao smiled after a moment of silence "In that case whenever you want to give up your Otome powers, just feel free to do it -Nina turned a shade of red-; I will take care of that stupid Principal and that Miss Maria for you"

"No, you don't have to …" was Nina's shy answer.

"Don't worry about it. I have to go now" Nao slowly started to walk away "just mark my words"

Nina smiled as she watched her onee-sama go and then she rejoined Mashiro and Arika.

"But it's really great, isn't it? Now lives of three of us are shared!" shouted Arika with an extremely happy face.

"Shh! What do you think you are doing? My contract with Nina is secret you know" said Mashiro with a slightly angry tone "Besides I always have told you to keep your voice low when we are out together. Just grow up a little!" She continued pouting.

"Alright, I'm sorry OK?" said Arika feeling a bit embarrassed.

"You have never changed at all!" stated Nina with a soft giggle.
Nina smiled as she took a postal card from her pocket with "Happy Birthday" written on it.

Then her face suddenly turned sad after she opened the card.
"Good Morning! It's a beautiful day! Mashiro-chan, wake up! Wake up!" was a playful voice that could be heard 7am of September 7th at Fuka Castle.

"Just a minute Arika …"

"You can't Mashiro-chan, you have to wake up now!" said Arika as she started shaking Mashiro.

Mashiro got up as Arika handed her changes of clothes to her. "Where is Aoi?"

"She is busy preparing for the ceremony"

"Hm, What ceremony?"

"You don't know?! This is really a big surprise!" said Arika amused.

"Oh come on, what is the big surprise?" said Mashiro who sounded bored.

"Today is your birthday!"

Mashiro's eyes widened from surprise. It was really a surprise to her for not remembering her birthday.

"Happy birthday, Mashiro-chan!" said Arika as she took a small box from a cashier and handed it toward her smiling.

"T-thank you" said Mashiro as she took the box from her hands.

"Open it!"

Mashiro's eyes went wide and she smiled after opening the box. It was beautiful blue silk handkerchief with "Mashiro" embroidered on it.

"Thank you" She said as a light blush appeared on her cheeks. "This is so beautiful; Ah!" her face suddenly looked sad.

"What is it?" asked Arika as she blinked.

"I'm sorry. I forgot about it and … I'm sorry" said Mashiro who couldn't look in the Arika's face.

"A … It's alright! You forgot about it after all! It's not your fault" despite looking happy, Mashiro could tell she is depressed a bit.

"Hey, Mashiro-chan" said Arika after a moment of silence.


"I have invited Nina-chan too. But I don't know she'll bring Sergay or not. You know he has lost his memory. It must be hard for Nina-chan" said Arika with a sad face.

"Arika …" said Mashiro with a worrisome face.

Mashiro smiled as something hit her mind "Just think about the good part of it. He has lost his memory and he can only remember his peaceful days ... living with Nina -blushed a little-. So I'm sure he has a pretty good life now"

That words clearly affected Arika "You're right … Yes, You're right!" she was cheered up. "Thank you Mashiro-chan!" shouted Arika as she jumped on her causing her to fall on the bed.

"Hey, Arika what are you doing?!" shouted Mashiro while struggling to get out of Arika's hug.
Nina put down her glass after finishing her launch with Sergay. "I have to go out for a business now. Can you take care of the home?" she said as she got up.

"Sure, but you said you are off today"

"It's not a big deal. I'll soon be back" answered Nina hastily.

"I guess I can't help it. You are one mysterious person as always" said Sergay with a humorous tone.

Nina smiled "Then I'll be off".

Sergay smiled as he watched Nina leaving home.
"And as I told you before, you can't address her majesty as … as you always say … I mean you can't address her as 'Mashiro-chan' in front of the guests" was a advice of a fat man with short brown hair and the royal hat of Windbloom's royalties.

"Yes, Sakumizu-san!" answered Arika with a big smile on her face.

"It's really interesting …" said Mashiro smiling as she approached them alongside Aoi with her formal cloth on. "She listens better to you than to me".

"Your majesty" said Sakumizu as he bowed a little.

"Wow, Mashiro-chan you are gorgeous!" shouted Arika with a happy face.

"It's just normal" said Mashiro frowning with a light blush on her cheeks that made Aoi giggle.

"But it's great, isn't it?! That President and Otome of Aries are our guests!" the later suddenly blurted out which caused surprised looks from everybody "A-I mean that Aries and Zipang are our guests, that is …" she hastily corrected herself. Of course her main cause of happiness was that she had heard that Otome Delta Force was accompanying President of Aries.
"Irina, Can you give me that tube over there" said Youko as she was busy looking up some data on her computer.

"Yes, here you are, Youko-sensei"

"Ne Chief! You have an okyakusan" said Gal standing at the door with her usual mixed language (I have reversed the order of languages that she talks!).

"A guest?" said Youko a bit surprised before Nina appeared at the door.

"Well, I'm not sure if it would do good or bad. Although he has lost his memory, some things or people may still be familiar to him. If he see them and then would not be able to remember them, it can cause him to suffer" said Youko with a concerned tone.

"So what do you suggest?"

"Um, has he talked about any dream about something that look familiar for him?"

"No, never"

"Then maybe you shouldn't worry this much. Take him to the party and if anything happened just call for me, OK?" said Youko as she made a kind smile.

"Thank you Youko-sensei. You too, Irina" said Nina with a warm smile.

"Well, I haven't done anything really" said Irina as she rubbed back of her head sheepishly.

"Ganbatte!" said Gal with a thumb up.
Mashiro, Arika, Sakumizu, Aoi and other royalties of Windbloom was waiting at the Sandport as Zipang's ship arrived. Arika smiled wide as she saw the beautiful picture of the ship in the golden rays of the sun which was setting in the west.
Ending! (“Do your Best ~ Mellow Version ~” or anything else!)
[Arika] It's so great! Now we share our lives!

[Nina] I'm not really happy about that.

[Erstin] Aren't you two forgetting someone?

[Arika & Nina] Huh?!

[Erstin] Happy birthday, you two!
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