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Alien Girl, Shiki- Final Chapter!

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Alien Girl, Shiki- Final Chapter!

Post by Bluholic711 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:23 pm

Meanwhile, back at Karin's house...

"What is the meaning of this, Karin?" the alien leader demanded. He was none other than the leader of planet Uvu'Grord.

"It's not my fault that bitch was powerful than I was. I was so close to defeating her, dammit! Why'd you call me at a time like this, dad?"

"You screwed up with your plans." Karin's father said. "Your goal was to rule Earth the mintue we sent you there. But instead, you slacked off, fumbled around and obsessed yourself with foolish pleasures."

"Shut up, dad!" Karin said, throwing a book at the monitor. "How dare you blame this all on me! I was still a kid when you dropped me down there. Besides, you needed me to help you recover from your illness, remember? That was when you told me to leave Japan. You forbidded me to be with Makoto cuz I was to strictly seduce and drain men only."

"Either way, here we are." the bewildered alien said. "Arguing with one another. Just calm down and listen. We can come up with another plan to take over Earth. You still have another chance at this."

"Easier said than done." Karin responded with a hint of sadness. " It's too late for that, if you ask me. I feel way too attached to this planet and certain humans. To be honest, I kind of admire Earth. Bleh, I'm starting to sound like Shiki now. She's probably decided to become a human by now. That wouldn't be a fair fight."

Karin's alien father was rather surprised to hear what Karin had to say. He had not realized how much the human planet had effected his daughter. "What are you trying to say? Do you have a change of heart?"

"Yes! That's exactly it." Karin replied. "I've come to realize that I wish to stay here. I see no point in world domination anymore. I...I want to be a normal human being."

"As you wish."

Suddenly, Karin's head got sucked inside a hair dryer. "H-hey!"

"You have derailed my plans." The alien father stated. "Therefore, I have no further use of you. Good bye, Karin."

Within seconds later, Karin's powers and memorise were wiped clean. She was now an ordinary human being, just like Shiki.



9 months later...

A brand new year had arrived. Shiki and Kana graduated from Minori high school and were now in Makoto's and Makoto's relationship was strong as ever. Everything was back to the way it was, just normal.

"Hurry up, Makoto-kun!" Shiki urged her girlfriend. "Kana-chan reserved a spot for us!" The purple haired beauty had on a light purple two piece bathing suit.

"Slow down, Shiki." Makoto complained, carrying some of their beach had on a grey sports bra and grey swim trunks. "You're not the one with loads of equipment."

"Okay, I'll help." Shiki said, carrying the lunch bag and umbrella.

"Shiki, over here!" Kana said, waving towards the couple.

Once the couple made it over to their spot, the real summer fun began. Makoto was learning how to surf. Rei and her boyfriend took pictures. Shiki and Kana were playing volleyball with a few other girls. It was all pure fun and games. People were leaving hour by hour by the time the sun began to set. Afterwards, they all had a picnic. It had been a while since everyone got together like this.

"By the way, Shiki," Rei asked. "Now that you're out of high school, what're your plans for the future?"

Shiki had to think for a moment. She was still uncertain about that but she answered. "I think I'm pretty okay with being a waitress for now. I plan on getting my master's degree at the University, though."

"Sounds all right to me." Makoto said, putting an arm around her girlfriend. "Maybe, we can save up enough money to get a house for ourselves,too."

"Wow, I wish I found myself a boyfriend already." Kana said, feeling alittle envious.

"I don't know, Kana-chan." Shiki teased. "You'd have to tend to his every need,get him to do better in college exams, and keep him in line when it comes to house cleaning must also have perfect stamina as well."

"Hey, Shiki, you talking about me?" Makoto asked, catching on to what her girl was saying.

Everyone laughed.

"So, who wants to fetch us some ice cream?" Rei asked.

"I'll go." Shiki volunteered, standing up. "I'll be back."

As soon as she walked away, Rei and Kana had to harrass Makoto, asking if she was going to propose to Shiki or not.

While walking over to the ice cream shack, Shiki paused for a moment. There was a familliar figure ordering some ice cream. This figure had on a decent black bikini and very light shirt under it. Her long amber gold hair had a few brown streaks on the front bangs and wrapped in a bun. She had humane, lively black eyes as well.

She had blonde hair wrapped in a bun. There was no malice intent or sinister vibe from before, all those months ago. Karin was now a different person, a better one even. Just like Shiki Saionji, Karin became a normal human being, too.

"Oh, hi there." the older girl spoke.

"K-Karin?" Shiki asked. "Is that really you?"

"Y-yes, but, how did you know my name?" Karin asked. "You heard of me from somewhere?"

Shiki was stunned with realization. Karin, at the cost of her freedom, gave up her powers and all of her memorise. The purple haired girl couldn't help but feel sad for her former enemy.

"Miss? Are you crying?" Karin asked.

Shiki felt a tear run down her cheek. She wiped it off.

"I'm sorry, don't mind me." Shiki said, shaking her head.

"I think I've seen you somewhere before,too." Karin told her. "Though, my memory is still very vague. It felt like a hair dryer dropped on my head or something."

"Hmm...yeah, it's kind of hard to explain. Maybe it's best that I don't tell her."

"Hey, Karin!" shouted one of the older girl's friends. "Hurry up with the ice cream!"

"Okay," Karin called back. "I'm on my way! Don't get your bikini in a bundle."

"Wait, please." Shiki said. "I know we just met...but, mind if we exchange cell phone numbers? We can talk more tonight if you have time."

Karin gave the purpled haired girl a funny look but she complied. "Sure."

Shiki never felt any ill will towards her anyway, despite the fact that they were enemies in the past. It wouldn't hurt to be friends with Karin, since she was a new person now.

Shiki came back to her group with everyone's ice cream. There were alot of struggles that had to be faced. Heck, there as even an opposing alien ready for world domination. But despite all the drama, the wild adventures were worth it. Shiki was going to continue enjoying her life on Earth, her permenant home.

The End


Author Notes: I just wanna thank every reader who read and reviewed this story! I had a great time creating and completing it. With some support, pressure, and encouragment, I've finally finished a story! And I couldn't have done it without you, the readers.

Thank you very much.

P.S., Shiki's story might be over but I still have other projects in progress. Hope you enjoy them as well!
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