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Mai Otome The Other Promise working title

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Mai Otome The Other Promise working title

Post by Magus Phantalus on Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:52 am

So here is the first half of the prologue to that My-multiverse/kingdom hearts crossover story that I totally was not working on. Not much to go on yet really just some brief exposition and by brief I mean really brief it is a pain for me to get motivated to do anything. Anyway feedback would be appriciated.

Cold, darkness, isolation, these things originally defined her life. That was before she met her of course. Shizuru Fujino. A woman who was willing to do anything for her sake, a woman that she killed with her own two hands, a woman who she herself had died beside all thanks to fate’s cruel designs. Exa had hoped that with their deaths they would finally know peace, but alas fate was a cruel mistress and once again she found herself in bitter struggle. Only recently had she awakened in this hauntingly beautiful realm. The landscape was not much to look at what with ruined buildings and petrified trees dotting the wasteland, but the sky that was something else entirely. The sky was awash with entire galaxies floating by, along with dead stars and worlds of every color a person could imagine along with more than a few one couldn’t imagine. Trying to pull her black coat around herself to stave off the chill Exa waited for her companion to catch up.

Her companion Angelus who wore the same black coat as her to protect against the threat of using the corridors of darkness and although he was physically capable he had a hard time handling the trek to the ruined tower their quarry was hiding in. The reason she was traveling with him in the first place was to look for another keyblade bearer. Personally Exa thought the keyblade was an absurd looking weapon, but if it held the means of reuniting with Shizuru she would help him.

“What?” Angelus asked sweeping back his hood to reveal a luxurious mane of silver-blonde hair, and gentle hazel eyes. He was a young man of a normally gentle and easy going demeanor, lately however he had been more somber and although an air of melancholy permeated this realm Exa new there was something more.

“We would have reached the tower already if you had spent the time to teach me how to teleport.” Exa flatly stated opting to keep her hood up knowing it would annoy her companion.

“I told you after we find the other keyblade wielder and deal with Phantalus. Of course I would be more inclined to teach it to you if you let me see more of that pretty face.”

A grumbling sound could be heard as Exa turned away.

“Alright you know what fine I’ll teach you. It’d probably be faster in the long run anyway…”

“The sooner we confront him the sooner this can be over.”

“Yeah I know… I know.”

Exa regarded her companion’s pained demeanor for a moment; she recognized that expression or at least the pain behind it. “You cared for him at one point… didn’t you?”

“We weren’t related by blood but he was still my brother. You see we had a tradition amongst the friends we had made when we were training to master the keyblade. When we each would receive our weapon we would take a name with the suffix ‘us’ to signify that no matter what we would never be alone. One of our friends she took up the name Lumenarious, I became Angelus and he… he became Phantalus.”

“What happened to separate you three?”

“Some other time maybe when you tell me why you changed your name to Exa, deal?” It was more of question than a statement a fact betrayed by the uncertain smile that accompanied it, still though Exa did her best to return it despite the questions plaguing her own mind.


“All right lets teach you some teleport spells!”

Sespite what it looks like neither Exa or Angelus are the main characters. The main characters would be Shizuru Viola, MANshiro as the protagonists and Possessed Natsuki Kruger and Phantalus as the antagonists.
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