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Ayashi no Ceres discussion thread

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Ayashi no Ceres discussion thread

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:50 pm

Ayashi no Ceres aka Ceres, The Celestial Legend by Yu Watase


Yu Watase's reputation proceeds her. Being the creator of the epic anime/manga series Fushigi Yuugi is one thing, her next big hit would turn out to be another masterpiece. Ayashi no Ceres (also known as 'Ceres, The Celestial Legend' ) is a darker story, focusing on Aya Mikage and her twin brother, Aki. Upon their 16th birthday, they're invited to their grandfather's home to celebrate the occasion. They discover Aya has a tennyo inside her, named Ceres. A celestial maiden from an ancient past who swears revenge on the entire Mikage family for stealing her hagoromo or celestial robe in the English dub.

Once out of Ceres' possession, Yuhi Aogiri comes to save Aya and keeps her safe at the Aogiri home with the lovely Suzumi and the hilarious Mrs. Q. In typical old school Yu Watase fashion, there's the love interest and trust me, he's a perfect follow up to Tamahome. Toya, a handsome man with no memories of anything, except being a hired hand for the Mikage family, is sent to recover Aya. He eventually falls in love with her and vice versa. This very powerful romance leads to another MASSIVE spoiler which I will not reveal. It's a shame too, there's a lot I want to talk about with Ceres, but it's loaded with twists and reveals that can ruin the series for you if you haven't seen it. So if me and depression76 word vomit events that you haven't reached yet...sorry! makoto

If you're seen or read Ayashi no Ceres, please discuss and all that jazz.


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Re: Ayashi no Ceres discussion thread

Post by depression76 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:05 pm


WOOT! You has my thanks!

Now, where should I begin??? I love love Ayashi no Ceres so much I think I wrote a fanfiction about them when I was 12 years old lol. Of course, they were abysmal so I'd never let anyone read them, but still, the point is I LOVE AnC!!!

Favorite characters has to be Toya, Suzumi Aogiri (Yuuhi's older sis) and Mikage Kagami. Toya is awesome, though the earlier parts when he can't make up where his allegiance lie annoys me a bit. Suzumi is awesome without a fault, though she's like....Noriko I guess, her back story's heart wrenching, but she always try to put up a strong front. And Kagami is handsome, full stop. giggity

I don't really like Aya, coz she's kinda whiny...^^;; The same reason I has for not liking Miaka.

Favorite characters aside, I think Watase-sensei did a great job with this series. Sure, it seems too dramatic at times, or too shoujo for some people, but I like it. I like the play on emotions in this series, and Watase-sensei is very good at that, especially at the end of the manga.

NOOOO TOYA ;_____;

But yea.



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Re: Ayashi no Ceres discussion thread

Post by shezaei-neko on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:37 pm

Maybe Luu will kill me for what I'm going to say but...
I kinda enjoyed more Ayashi no Ceres than Fushigi Yuugi.

I STILL need to read the manga. But the anime...heavens!! It was so great.
I likes Suzumi, Ceres and that other Tennyo that was a singer (forgot the name...sorry ^^; )
It was just so tragic that I wanted to smash the monitor at some scenes...
Too much drama. But it was well done.
This was the time when I watched anime without searching any yuri on it. So, it's been a while. Razz
One of my favorites indeed. Also gotta love the opening theme.

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Re: Ayashi no Ceres discussion thread

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