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Alien girl, Shiki - Chapter III

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Alien girl, Shiki - Chapter III

Post by Bluholic711 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:56 pm

The next day, Makoto began sorting out dirty clothes. She was planning on going to the laundry mat until the door bell rang. As soon as Makoto answered it, her brown eyes were wide with surprise.

The visitor in question was a nineteen year old voluptuous half Russian, half Japanese beauty. Her long amber gold hair had a few brown streaks on the front bangs. She had alluring black eyes, wearing a black dress along with boots to match.

"Good afternoon, Makoto-kun!" the visitor greeted cheerfully.

"Karin, what are you doing here?" Makoto asked, folding her arms.

"Oh! How rude! Is that any way to greet an ex-girlfriend after three years?"

"Okay, I'll try again." Makoto said, slightly annoyed. "Hi, Karin. How are you? Where have you been? What are you doing here?"

Karin sighed. "Well, I had just came back from America after three years of living there. So, I thought I'd stop by and pay you a visit. May I come in?"

Karin allowed herself inside Makoto's apartment. Makoto didn't seem amused, but decided to allow her "visitor" the privilege to look around for a bit. "My, what a nice and cozy place you have here." Karin commented. "Simple and modern, this is totally your taste, Makoto-kun."

"I brought this a year ago, after graduating from Minori high." Makoto explained. "I had my father's inheritance around that time."

Karin was still looking around the apartment until she heard Makoto again.

"Speaking of which, my father isn't doing so good." Karin admitted. "He's sick with serious disease. That's why we had to come back."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Makoto responds.

"And for whatever reason, he won't speak to me."

"What the hell do you mean by that?" Makoto pressed. "Aren't you his one and only daughter? Shouldn't you be at his bedside by now?"

Karin, frowning turned away from Makoto."Hmph, forget it. I'd thought you would understand but I guess not." She told the taller girl. "I'll be leaving then."

Makoto walked towards Karin and grabbed her arm.

"Wait, I'm sorry. I should've known better." the tomboy said sincerely.

Karin pressed toward Makoto, wrapping her arms around her former lover. "Thanks, you have no idea how much I need this." she expressed. She seemed to have enjoyed the embrace a little too much, due to slight moans of pleasure. However, Karin and Makoto's embrace was abruptly interrupted by a certain purple haired beauty.

"Ahem!" Shiki interrupted.

Makoto turned and pushed the other girl back a little.

"Ah, there you are, baby." Makoto said, relieved to see her girlfriend. "This is Karin Bosconovich, I told you about her, right?"

"Yes, you did." Shiki replied.

"Karin, this is my girlfriend, Shiki. We live here together."

Karin and Shiki were scanning each other with their eyes. For some reason, the high school girl couldn't help but sense something off about the visitor.

"Nice to meet you, Karin-san." Shiki greeted politely.

Karin didn't seem too interested with the new lover in her ex's life but went with the flow regardless.

"Likewise, Shiki-chan." Karin extended her hand out towards the eighteen year old.

The minute they shook hands, strange vibes struck Shiki's senses. Her concerns were slowly starting to turn into a reality….

"For some reason, another alien life form has also arrived on earth way before me. It would appear that she has different motives more than just observation. I will make sure to keep a close eye on her if she plans to stop by here again."


"Who ordered the ramen and curry rice special?" asked Shiki wearing an attractive waitress outfit. She was delivering the meals that one of her customers ordered.

A young man raised his hand in the air, shouting "Over here!"

Shiki went over towards his table and gave him the ramen noodles and curry rice he ordered.

"Here you go!" Shiki said. "Please enjoy."

Shiki had been working at the popular resturant, Tenshi paradise, for two years now. Her first day started out with nervousness and uncertainly which eventually transformed into confidence and pride. Not only did she get good pay but also met good coworkers, all who embraced Shiki. She couldn't have been happier. While the waitress placed more menus on the tables, a bell rang.

"Welcome! Come on in!"

Shiki was a little surprised to see Makoto entering the resturant. She's usually at school on Saturdays.

"Hi, Makoto-kun." Shiki greeted her lover. "No school today?"

"Yup. The math teacher let us out early." Makoto replied.

"Oh, well good for you." Shiki smiled. "Please excuse me." she placed the last menus on five more tables. "Would you like me to take your order?"

"Sure." Shiki's lover answered.

Makoto ordered some onigiri and sushi. Afterwards, during Shiki's break, Makoto wanted to have a word with her in private. The girl's restroom was the only avaliable area.


Once the couple were alone in the restroom….

"All right, Shiki… What's eating you?" Makoto asked, feeling concerned "You haven't been yourself lately. Last night you were quiet and this morning you left for work without saying anything."

"So, you did notice…" said Shiki, looking at her shoes.

"Did something happen at school?" Makoto asked.

"No…that's not it." Shiki said. "It's just…When Karin-san visited yesterday, I kind of felt a little awkward to meet her."

"I know her visiting back at the apartment was very unexpected." Makoto told her. "But I'm sure it has nothing to do with settling back with me. I've been over Karin and I'm moving on. There's no need to worry about her."

"I know. You're right." Shiki couldn't help but sense Makoto had another reason for being inside a restroom.

"Uh, Makoto-kun, what are you thinking about?"

Not only did the bold tomboy wanted to speak to Shiki about the whole Karin situation, she also wanted to have a quickie with her girlfriend. Shiki blushed heavily with embarrassment and shock. "No way! W-what if somebody comes in?"

"They won't." Makoto assured Shiki.

The waitress was still unsure of it. "You've got to be kidding…."

"Please, just this once?" Makoto pleaded clasping both hands together.

Both of them had never made love in public places, only at their apartment and bedroom. The very thought of doing it in the girl's restroom made Shiki feel like she was in a cheesy porno flick. With a deep sigh, she answered.

"O-Okay, but if my outfit gets dirty, I'm blaming you for it!" the shorter girl said, pressing her breasts on Makoto's chest, enticing her even more.

Makoto smirked and placed her hands on Shiki's round butt, removing her panties while she was kissing her deeply.

Without breaking their lip lock, both lovers went into the widest stall and locked the door tight. Makoto inserted her tongue on Shiki's mouth thoroughly, wanting to taste more of the purple haired waitress in front of her.

Much to Shiki's surprise, Makoto was bold (and horny) enough to remove her brown shirt, half of Shiki's waitress outfit, and bra. Makoto pushed Shiki backwards towards the door, turning her around forcefully.

She unzipped her pants and pulled them down hastily, while Shiki bent over facing the door. After positioning herself behind Shiki, Makoto grabbed on to Shiki's hips and began thrusting slowly.

"Oh!" Shiki moaned loudly as she felt Makoto's grip on her hips.

Makoto hardened her grip on the waitress, becoming more assertive.

"Oh, god, Makoto-kun!" Shiki moaned softly. "Quit being so gentle…!"

Makoto complied with Shiki's lustful demands. She proceeds to pull her girlfriend's arms from behind, making that girl moan and pant heavily. Her moaning was wonderful music to Makoto's ears and fuel for her sexual satisfaction.

Suddenly, someone entered inside the ladies restroom!

Both lovers froze as they heard footsteps echoing in the silent area. Shiki hoped for the stranger, whoever she was, to go away couple were at the far end of the last stall, it was possible that they wouldn't be caught. A moment later, Shiki heard more footsteps, a door opening and closing.

Silence filled the air once again.

"Sounds like they left…" Makoto stated the obvious.

The purple haired waitress sighed with relief.

Moments later, Shiki cleaned herself up before leaving the stall.

"Geez, Makoto-kun!" she pouted "You're so perverted!"

"Me? perverted?" Makoto asked innocently, fixing her pants. "Yes, you are!" Shiki folded her arms. "I can't believe we almost got caught. What if that was my boss? I would've gotten fired!"

"Oh, come on, baby, don't be mad." Makoto went over to hug her from behind. "I'm not the only one who enjoyed it."

Shiki blushed neon pink and averted her eyes away from her tall lover. "Dummy…"

"You're so cute when you're trying to act stubborn." Makoto nibbled on the waitress's ear to get her attention. The shorter girl squeaked with surprise and pleasure. She looked at her watch and realized it was thirty minutes past her break time. "Ah, I'm late!" Shiki exclaimed as she disappeared in Makoto's arms.


"Sorry, Makoto-kun!" the waitress said as she was almost out the door. "I'll have to get my revenge on you later, okay?" She left the restroom to continue her shift, leaving Makoto alone and confused.

"Revenge? For what?"


A few hours later, Shiki was done with work for the evening. Makoto and her close friend, Rei Higurashi picked Shiki up by Rei's car. She had thick lips, dark blue eyes, and long straight reddish hair.

"Hey, Shiki, it's been a while."

"Good afternoon, Rei-san." Shiki said politely.

"So cute and polite as ever." Rei smiled "Makoto is so damn lucky to have you as a girlfriend. Too bad I'm straight though, otherwise I would've taken you!"

"Watch it, Higurashi!" Makoto told Rei "What would your boyfriend say?"

"Oh, clam up, Makoto." Rei pouted teasingly. "You still need to help me with my project that's due next week."

Makoto groaned in irritation, realizing that her friend was right.

"Oh, great."

Shiki giggled at Makoto and Rei when they were laughing and teasing with each other like they'd always do.

After Rei dropped the couple off to the apartment building, she waved goodbye to them as she drove away again, heading for home herself.

Shiki sighed with content as she felt warm steaming water cleansing her whole body. As she began to wash up, a mysterious figure appeared inside the bathroom as the steam turned to mist. The figure went inside the tub in attempt to grab Shiki. Suddenly, the girl turned around and pins Makoto against the wall. "Oh, hi there." Makoto greeted with a cat smile.

"Why were you sneaking up on me, Makoto?" Shiki inquired, glaring at her prey.

Makoto felt quite intimidated by Shiki's aggression. It was only at rare occasions that Shiki would call her "Makoto" without the suffix added at the end of her name. Was she still mad about the restroom incident that afternoon? "Oh, come now, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior. And, I meant what I said earlier. I'm not interested in Karin. That was the past. I'm only devoted to you."

"Hmmmm..." the purple haired girl was in pensive thought. "Well, I suppose I can forgive you on one condition."

"Okay. What's that?"

Makoto was caught off guard when the other girl placed a hand down one of her thighs. "You fell for it." She brought her lover down on the tub floor and laid on top of Makoto.

"S-Shiki, what are you….?"

"Finally, I'll have my revenge." Shiki said, licking her lips suggestively.

Then, the naked beauty spreads the tomboy's strong legs apart. Her head slowly went down until she reached her desired destination. Needles to say, Shiki executed her revenge against her soul mate, Makoto.


Preview: Shiki decides to keep a watchful eye on Karin, still suspecting dark motives from the older girl. The October festival has finally begun and things are going smoothly. However, a sinister force threathens to change all of that. What will become of the school and the people revolving around it? Find out next time on Alien girl, Shiki!
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