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Alien girl, Shiki - Chapter II

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Alien girl, Shiki - Chapter II

Post by Bluholic711 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:53 pm

Shiki Saionji never liked bullies, especially those snobby and arrogant freshman students. She couldn't understand why they would act in a mean spirited way towards others and herself. Perhaps it was out of sheer jealousy or fear of acceptance in society. Of course that didn't mean Shiki was defenseless against them. This was a fact when one day during lunchtime, Kana was being bullied.

They were junior students, just like volunteered to join the cleaning club and bonded with a senior student. Three of the girls who were infatuated with him, learned of this and have been picking on her for more than week. Natsuki Aragaki, the leader of the trio, came walking into her homeroom during lunchtime.

"Hey, Kana, what are you up to?" Natsuki asked sweetly yet in a fake manner.

"N-nothing." Kana nervously answered.

"Is the cleaning club treating you right? What do they make you do, anyway? Clean toilets?"

Kana remained silent. She knew that Natsuki was just trying to annoy her.

"Well, what are you suppose to do?" Natsuki baited her again.

Again, no repsonse.

Frustrated, the menacing bully kicked Kana out of her chair.

"Oi, don't you dare ignore me!" Natsuki exclaimed.

"Please leave my friend alone, Aragaki-san." Shiki sternly said, arriving at the classroom.

"I was just being civil with this broad." Natsuki growled. "Until she decided to ignore me."

"That's because she knows not to take you seriously." Shiki pointed out. "Now, please stop disrupting this classroom."

"Shut up, bitch!" Natsuki was infuriated even more. "Don't tell me what to do!"

She stormed her way up to the purple haired girl. She tried to land a punch on her but Shiki simply dodged the bully's attack. Natsuki tripped in the hallway and fell on her face.

"Kana, let's go eat at the rooftop." the third year student told her best friend.

"Y-yes." Kana complied.

Both girls were now at the hallway. They were about to head out to the rooftop for some peace and quiet until angry blonde Natsuki stood up again.

"Damn it. Just because you're a senior…that doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want!" she shouted while throwing a fire extinguisher at Shiki. Miraculously, the object stopped before it could hit her face and landed gently on the floor. The blonde junior student charged towards Shiki again. However, this time, with a soft push of her palm, Shiki sent her flying to a wall.

Kana, two of Natsuki's followers, and a few other students were in awe of what they just saw.

"Wow, did you see that?" an onlooker said.

"Shiki-sempai pushed that chick away like she was nothing." said some another girl.

"She must be going to the gym."

"Aragaki-san, you should know better than that." said a teacher with glasses and puffy hair, pinching the girl's ear. "I saw what you did."

"Ow! Hey, I didn't do anything!" Natsuki spat at the teacher.

"Save that for your parents, young lady. You're coming with me!" the middle aged woman sternly told Natsuki as she took her down stairs.

"Well, that's the end of that." Shiki said out loud. "Kana, come on."

"Huh?" the girl managed.

Shiki's friend was still dumbfounded until lunch time was over.


Shiki and Kana participated in preparing for the cultural festival, which would begin in October.

There was a lot of arranging and handwork during that time. Needless to say, the past five weeks were quite tiresome for Shiki. Once she came back home, the purple haired girl was greeted by her lover of two years, Makoto Yuuki. She was sporting a sleeveless shirt and loose shorts, something Makoto wears often at her apartment.

"How are the preparations for the festival going?" the older girl asked.

"After five weeks, we finally finished." Shiki sighed, as she dropped her bag and sat at a nearby chair for a moment. "Honestly, my arms and legs feel like jelly."

"Aww, poor thing." Makoto went over to the girl and hugged her from behind. "Have they worked my Shiki-chan too hard?"

"Yes, they did." Shiki caressed Makoto's face, smiling."I'm so thankful that we don't have school tomorrow."

"I agree." Makoto responds. "Now we can finally have some time to be together."

Shiki got up to face her lover, eye to eye.

"Makoto-kun…" She brought her face closer to the taller girl's lips and kissed her softly. Makoto returned the kiss and pulled Shiki's body closer to her own. Suddenly, the shorter girl pushed her lightly and began running towards the bed room, giggling all while. "Is sex the only thing on your mind?" Shiki asked, laying down on the bed. Makoto proceeded in pinning her down.

"Not all the time!" Makoto objected. "I do have a brain, you know. Besides, we haven't really done things like this ever since you had to prepare for that festival."

"Has that brain helped you with your studies?" Shiki asked, teasingly.

"Of course." Makoto lowered her head and began to kiss down the girl's neck.

"I would like to see it."

"Oh, playing teacher today, are we?" Makoto smirked.

"Yes," Shiki replied, getting up. "And I'll have to punish you if I see any mistakes."

"Yes, ma'am." Makoto said in a sexy tone while she allowed Shiki to leave the room.


The purple haired girl looked lovingly into her sleeping girlfriend's face with her blue eyes sparkling slightly. Makoto's face was angelic and peaceful during sleep, which Shiki always adored about the tomboyish college student. She brushed away some of the brown hair that got on Makoto's face and laid there next to her.

There was something she needed to tell Makoto, something that she's been hiding for more than thirteen years now. Shiki was contemplating if she should even tell Makoto about this secret. Next month was the cultural festival and to Shiki, that was the perfect opportunity to tell Makoto everything. But, will she handle this revelation? Will she still be loved or rejected for her true origins?

For now though, there was no need for worrying, she had to sleep. After all, human bodies need their rest in order to function properly.


This week was a vacation for a well deserved rest after finishing up preparations and arrangements for the festival. It was a celebration for all of the student body's hard work.

As they walked over to the mall, Kana was still pondering about the Aragaki incident.

"Hey, Shiki… about five weeks ago…."


"Did you use magic or something?" Kana asked. "What did you do to stop Aragaki-san like that?"

"Magic?" Shiki thought about the incident. "I guess it was just luck."

"You're lying." Kana said.


"I mean, if there's something I don't know about, I have a right to know about it, don't I?" Kana said, looking sharply at Shiki.


The purple haired girl knew that she needed an explanation for her secret powers. However, she couldn't really pull that off. She had to come up with a lie in order to protect herself. There was a long silence until Shiki finally spoke.

"I'm not hiding anything from you."

Kana sighed. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't force you to tell me anything."

She made an apologetic smile towards Shiki. "That was out of character of me, wasn't it? We're friends after all. You can tell me when you're ready."

Shiki nodded, feeling relived with Kana's change of mood.

"Thanks, Kana."


Afterwards, Kana and Shiki parted ways, carrying their bags home.

Since Makoto was hanging out with her college friends, Shiki was temporarily alone for a while. Putting her bags aside, she took this opportunity to grab her special journal.

The journal was actually a report log of all of varies things that had intrigued, confused, and frustrated her throughout the years of living on Earth for more than fifteen years.

Today, Shiki wrote about the bullying that she had endured five weeks ago and the mall she had just went to. She decided not to add her relationship with Makoto in her book. The very thought of endangering Makoto's life and the ones she cared about most would devastate Shiki a great deal. Right after she had finished writing, Makoto entered the apartment as if on cue. "I'm home." she said out loud.

"Welcome back, Makoto-kun." Shiki smiled, walking towards her lover to give her a hug.

"How was your day?"

"It was okay. Can't really brag about it. How about you?" Makoto said.

"I went shopping with Kana-chan earlier." Shiki replied. "I brought myself some cute skirts."

Even without clothes, Makoto still thought her girlfriend was beautiful. It was not just her beauty that had struck Makoto when she was still in high school. It was how organized and kind Shiki was towards her. After having dinner at the kitchen, both girls cleaned up after themselves before heading out to bed for the night.


Preview: Shiki continues enjoying her lifestlye until an unexpected visitor arrives at her lover's apartment. Her very appearance shakes up Shiki's comfort zone and causes uneasiness to arise. What role will this mysterious visitor play in Shiki's life? Find out next time on the next chapter of Alien Girl, Shiki!
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