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The (New and Improved!) "Characterized" Tomoe Analysis Thread! (Including Character Equality WARNING: and Rant)

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The (New and Improved!) "Characterized" Tomoe Analysis Thread! (Including Character Equality WARNING: and Rant)

Post by Twisted Eternal Wolvetta on Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:06 pm

To avoid the negativity of the older thread, I'm creating a fresh thread for Tomoe, since after all, I'm sick of people hating her for the excuse of; "oh, she got in ShizNatsu's way".

The New and Improved Tomoe Marguerite Analysis Thread!

Including Character Equality

Minor Rant

You have been warned!

Now, to clear things up straight away.

Nationality: Windbloom (Zipang in the Manga)
Height: 153cm
Weight: 42kg
B/W/H: 80/54/80cm


Imagine that you have been training and dreaming to become an Otome since you had barely started school. Imagine the hardship and the constant setbacks of organizing yourself to become better and better through not only your talents and abilities for the mere education, but for the combat of becoming one in forty-nine of the Coral students throughout the whole world.

So, in Tomoe's case she managed this, just like Erstin managed to, the seventeenth Coral. But then some brat of a girl comes strutting in, her newly fledged dream having come to her hours ago. And what do you know? She gets in! Of all the years Tomoe had been training to work up to, step by step, brick by brick of spine breaking work, some excuse of an uneducated and oblivious -- more than the Gakuenchou -- moron strides in, becoming the unheard of fifty-one Coral! Fifty-one!

See what I am doing here? I am forcefully putting this into Tomoe's characterization and thought pattern.

'Course, this Yumemiya girl also happens to be someone who is somehow important, that was obvious enough -- the whisperings of not only the students throughout the school but also the teachers was enough to prove that this girl was somehow different from the whole of them. Somehow more "special", when they are all supposed to be treated equally.

And why? Tomoe didn't know, of course she didn't, just like almost everyone else except for the "special expectations" knew why this idiot was even in the academy!

It would make anyone wonder, if not for this expectation which this Galelian (Arika is from Galelia) had, would she truthfully have got into the somewhat late and unfair Garderobe enrollment? Would she have actually managed to do all of these things in the first place without this hidden but obvious help?

But after all, this was the "new and special girl" they were talking about.

So, you wonder -- how are you supposed to become the true Otome to prove to the higher ups that this more-than-lucky-brat wouldn't survive in Garderobe without a ridiculous amount of help?

Alas, desperation sets in as the year goes by, a certain Archmeister utterly and entirely ignoring you but leading you further down the road to the unknown. What do you do? How do you work through this?

Do you say; prove to Shizuru Oneesama that you are better and more well suited as an Otome than that Galelian? But how should you do it? There mere idea of showing your worth through not only your intelligent mind and ability of combat, manners and seasoned experienced has become bland to keep proving. These thoughts are processed, the words becoming yet more jumbled the further time traverses by. Yet unfortunately for you, you are merely getting even more ignored, almost mocked.

You wonder -- there has to be something. But what? "I'd do [/i]anything[/i] to be with Shizuru Oneesama! It doesn't matter for an age gap nor sex! Love is love!"

Do you honestly "hate" Tomoe so much only because Sunrise dared to put her by Shizuru?

Tomoe: "I know! It is stupid and so ridiculous but... maybe I should [/i]scare[/i] her a little, to get her away from Shizuru Oneesama?"

She had attempted this numerous times before, not only with the uniform, but then with the dangerous nanomachines. Obviously she didn't do this herself though, she wasn't that stupid, whether people were determined to think she was or not.




Tomoe: "So... it was all a lie, Archmeister? Are you happy now? You are honestly happy for tormenting me in this way? To continuously lure me in to push me back away until the final length of string was snapped? That you spent the whole academy year doing this, knowing full well of my unbalanced mind? What am I? A broken toy? Something to use to drag your cursed wretch of a Gakuenchou in when you get jealous of her spending ten seconds away from you? Well, I hope you are happy -- I've risked my own neck, I tried keeping away from Windbloom altogether, never mind Garderobe, but I had abuse thrown at me yet again by the people, which I don't find surprising, judging by my past, but to think... you have the talent of the "Forgive Me" Bomb.

Sure, when a person annoys me, I'll attempt to get rid of them like any other person, that moron of a man being no expectation, because honestly, romance just irks me now, especially concerning you.

What are you, what did you transform me into? This monster, being me? Of course I am seen as the monster, when in reality, the true villain was behind the scenes, not me, not the Duke, you. Because it is always you, isn't it, dear Shizuru Oneesama? It is a shame that people are too oblivious to not see through your masks, however.

The Wolf which wears the clothing of a Sheep".

Note: Viola physically uses children to lure in Natsuki. -- Her and Ribbon's interaction. Nao: "Oh, she's cheating right in front of you".

The "ShizNat Garderobe Years"

- Pretty much instantaneously gains an interest to Natsuki.
- Natsuki isn't all that bothered.
- Sexual harassment.
- Natsuki is entirely insulted and disagrees to become her Coral.
- Abrupt Butou for fight over her with Haruka.
- The infamous but bland "Forgive Me, Natsuki! Bomb".

The ShizTom Year:

- Viola first gains an interest of Tomoe to merely lure in Natsuki.
- Tomoe, unfortunately for Viola gains an interest to her.
- She is unable to push Tomoe away, but decides to go on further with this.
- Further luring and ignorance.
- Otome Events.
- Betrayal.
- Forgive Me, Natsuki! Bomb -- Hence, everything is perfect for Viola.
- Tomoe? Need I say more?

So, let me get this straight.

Fujino and Viola are adored, even though there are the cases of murder, pedophilia, manipulation and rape, but Tomoe, whom yes -- did things which she shouldn't have, and should have been punished, but gets no second chance and possibly no future whatsoever, is eternally hated for merely getting in the way of ShizNatsu?

Killing your enemies is no excuse, it merely makes you as bad as them. Killing a whole group of people (First District) because of "your loved one"? That is like putting out the excuse of killing the Germans in WWII, whether or not they were Nazi or not. Many were dragged into that because they had to support their families and keep themselves alive. Not because they were evil, not because they were all set out to murder the HiME. The lower ranks of the First District would have had no clue what work they were actually doing.

Yet, because it is Shizuru, oh, so obviously, this means it is automatically fine. Yet as soon as it is a character who isn't either Shizuru or Natsuki all hell breaks loose across the fandom!

How does this make sense?

I want equality for all the characters! I want to see these characters be in the "ShizNat Mansion" instead of their crappy little hovels as well!

Why is it that our most interesting characters, one such as Manshiro is automatically shoved to the side? Is it because he isn't ShizNatsu? Is it because he is male and has a little group of women which is pretty much natural these days?

Mai? The main character of Mai HiME? You can forget that I suppose. Nope, obviously not important!

Shiho, who is supposedly annoying for naturally being confused as a teenager? Something everyone goes through?

Tate, for his heterosexuality?

Takeda? Because he has interest for Natsuki and suits her personality better? E.g. clumsy, easily embarrassed, sharp, caring and talented in combat?

Tomoe, because she gets between ShizNatsu and has a different mind frame?

Or do I dare say -- basically anyone who isn't two certain grains of sand throughout the whole pot of the Mai Series?

Unfortunately, this is how we are, and I know I'll be hated for this, for stating out the obvious, but someone has to do it, don't they?

So sure, I despise Natsuki and Shizuru, but I have many reasons for this -- but please, analyze all the characters, especially the ones you hate. It'd be nice to see my (the minority of a minority...!) favourite characters being treated equally without things being shoved down my throat about them supposedly threatening ShizNatsu, thank you very much -- for once in my life.

I might get in trouble for this, but then again, why should I? People are constantly attacking such characters as Tomoe, Takeda and Manshiro for merely who they are and I want this to stop. But this change is going to be impossible without doing anything about it and keeping quiet, after all, isn't it?

Related MAI PROJECT (Final Project (V): "SHEET".

So please, for the sake of other people as well, let's have this fandom become even more diverse for ideas, thoughts and information gathering.

Because seriously, I would adore to go to another fandom without ShizNat being shoved down my throat: "Oh, [insert character] reminds me so much of ShizNat!"

Of course, I unconsciously think of this for certain characters of other series', but I would appreciate it where these characters don't have their images ruined for me by two characters who are everywhere as it is.

Tumblr? There.

Danbooru? There.

Gelbooru? There.

deviantART? Obviously.

Twitter? ...

Facebook? .....

I don't even need to explain further.

But here is a question: Why do people prefer ShizNatsu in HiME when it is crack compared to ShizNat in Otome which is equally canon for both it's past and future?

Twisted Eternal Wolvetta

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Re: The (New and Improved!) "Characterized" Tomoe Analysis Thread! (Including Character Equality WARNING: and Rant)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:50 am

Just a quick answer for the ShizNat thing, even if it were rhetorical: ShizNat in Mai-HiME can be considered crack to any fan who feel Natsuki turned Shizuru turned gently and dismiss the hinting from Natsuki no Prelude and Kuro no Mai. It goes either way, I just happened to prefer it because no matter the result, they were inspiring. Not inspiring enough, however, to build an entire franchise around them. If this were the "ShizNat Forum", an old idea of mine from 2010, I don't think our numbers would of been as big as they are now. This series is crawling with some of the most unbelievable, bizarre and above all, outrageous characters. Which brings me to Tomoe.

I've said all I've can about Tomoe, but you have brought up an excellent point regarding her early time at Garderobe. Fans seemed to forget that Tomoe is top of her class and considered one of the finest Dance Battle fighters in Garderobe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't she undefeated until her brief clash with Arika? This could of also added more insult to injury as Tomoe took pride in achievements beyond just snagging the Bewitching Smile Amethyst. The teal haired girl valued her role as a leading Coral student; even representing classes. Miss Maria herself gave Tomoe her due credit in one episode. I'm guessing she felt Tomoe was potential Pearl class material at that point. Just food for thought.



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