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Comparison Point; Present favorite characters vs. Past favorite characters!

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Comparison Point; Present favorite characters vs. Past favorite characters!

Post by depression76 on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:30 pm

Another topic from yours truly to dig more about your inner Mai-Fan xD As a fan who've watched both HiME and Otome over and over and over again, as time passed each one of you must have gone through changes in your mindsets over the series.

And this goes for your favorite characters as well x3

Hence why there's this thread for both HiME and Otome-verse.

Present favorite characters vs. Past favorite characters!
What changed your mind?
For myself, the first time I watched HiME, I took an immediate liking to Natsuki. I think it was because of her guns, her ice powers, and the always awesome mechanical wolf-duran, and the fact that she's in a yuri relationship helps too xD But after I watched the series more thoroughly, over and over again, my favorite character position shifted to someone else, which is Midori xD

I do like Natsuki, but I find Midori's personality more interesting. The more I find out quirky tidbits about her, the more I like her. That's why Midori's in a higher position compared to Natsuki nowadays. Dun worry, I still like our favorite tsundere >83 *pats Natsuki Kuga

For Otome, it was a different story. I fell in love immediately with Zhang from the first moment I saw her xDD She was awesome!!!! I love everything about her and she's much more lovable compared to her HiME counterpart. I love her when I first saw her back in 2007 and I still love her now....nothing has changed in that aspect xDD SHIMA GANG FOR LIFE Zhang

How about you guys?


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Re: Comparison Point; Present favorite characters vs. Past favorite characters!

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:39 pm

When it comes to Mai-HiME, Natsuki Kuga all the way. With Midori Sugiura at a very close second. Both of them have the perfect blend of action heroine. Only difference is, Midori is more of a traditional super heroine who wants to save the day and assemble goodie-two-shoes to her cause while Natsuki acts more like an anti-heroine. That is, until she met Mai and the others. ;3 It's a close call, but I still prefer Natsuki more. Mai-HiME should honestly be called Natsuki-HiME for the sole reason that everything in Mai-HiME has Natsuki involved. Even in the Mai/Tate/Shiho love triangle, she finds herself getting involved! Haha!

As for Mai-Otome, I went through several favorites. At first, I thought that same magic I felt with Natsuki Kruger would be present. I pretty much lied to myself throughout all 26 episodes thinking I liked her, when I really didn't. ^^; She was a shadow of a her former self. So I went onto liking Arika Yumemiya, but not in a sexual way. Arinko-chan is the quintessential modern day version of Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon with her idealistic beliefs and refusal to kill people she cares for. Even if they have become her enemy. Still, I only saw Arika as a sort of hero rather than character I can fall deeply in love with. Enter Una Shamrock, a vastly overlooked character in our fandom who doesn't get any love just because she's from the short Sifr OVA series. Una is intelligent, cunning, cynical and does whatever it takes to succeed in her mission. Basically the polar opposite of Arika and I love it. That's the kind of woman I want to involve myself with, because I want to be challenged. I want to dominate an independent woman like her.


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