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Turn About [Nao/Tate] - Another Zaney Contest Production!

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Turn About [Nao/Tate] - Another Zaney Contest Production!

Post by BMeph on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:46 am

Just hearing about zanekal1's dA contest, and apparently waiting until the last minute to do something about it, I give, For Your Consideration...

Turn About, A Mai-HiME crack-shot

Grumping to herself about Life, the Universe, and all
the things in it, Nao tromped down the sidewalks of
downtown Fuuka. Stupid, stupid Tokiha clan!
Takumi was always doing dumb things, especially involving
him running around to his big sister's place, borrowing
cooking supplies and teasing freeloading body-sacrificing
young girls about their free generously helping to use
up food soon to spoil. Then stupid Mikoto jumping through
the window and scarfing up all the free food, that's just
not fair! Then, when Kuga offers to give her a free ride
into town, who should show up but Freaking Snake Hips -
Nao swore that Fujino had some kind of GPS plant on her
mutt, just to be able to track her around. Now, Nao was
abandoned, bored, and hungry! Stupid school kids; this
guy a couple of steps in front of her now even looked like
Moon-Face Tate, always staring at Mai's boobs, and never
doing anything about it. I bet I could show him a thing
or two, but he'd probably just run off to Octopus-Head

Meanwhile, Yuuichi Tate was hurrying down another
sidewalk, the usually cool and capable youth looking more
worried than usual. Yuuichi's cause for concern was self-
evident; he had just barely been able to turn a series of
corners and elude the pit-bull-dogged attentions of Shiho.
Still, like a fugitive on the run, Yuuichi could imagine
Shiho's hot breath on his neck, just before she pounced,
and started talking non-stop about weddings, or puppies,
or - God save us - puppy weddings! He swore, girls were
supposed to be more mature, and grow up faster than boys,

Suddenly, looking up, Yuuichi spots a familiar-looking
set of double pig-tails, and swiftly pivoting on his good
leg - plows right into Nao. "Hey, watch-" Nao began to
yell, but was quickly cut off by Yuuichi's hand to her
mouth. Nao shimmied away from the former kendoka, and
continued her rant, only quieting down when Yuuichi got
Nao to back into the wall of a building, so he could put
his hands on her shoulders...and kiss her.

He wasn't looking for trouble - trying to be close to
both Mai and Shiho was more than enough trouble than one
man ought to have to deal with. He sure wasn't planning to
"expand his horizons" with a charitable gift to the Nao
Yuuki Scholarship Fund. Really, he was just trying to get
the girl to quit screaming her head off and drawing all
of the ears and eyes around to them. He could see Nao's
eye, a very wide, and shimmery green, narrow, then gleam
a bit.... It was his only warning before he felt Nao's
tongue run across his lips and push slightly.

Not wanting to draw back - this could let Nao escape
and really start to yell her head off - Yuuichi did what
any young man confronted with a loud-mouthed girl with a
sharp tongue would do; he kept the girl's tongue occupied
with something else. Why the hell is Nao giving me tongue,
Yuuichi wondered, does she think I'm gonna pay her for a
date, now?
He would have thought more, but then Nao did
this funny wiggly thing in his mouth, and "in for a penny,
in for a pound," Yuuichi was in the wrestling match of his

Without thinking, Yuuichi's hand came up to cradle
Nao's cheek, lightly tracing the outline of Nao's ear. Nao
responded by gripping on to Yuuichi's hip so tightly he'd
swear it bruised. They pressed against each other, not
really sure how they got where they were, but having too
much fun to stop now. Which meant, of course, that someone
else would feel it her duty, to stop them herself.

"Big Brother!"
As Yuuichi's lips spasmed from his reflexive cringe, Nao
smirked. Patting his sore hip, Nao snarkily responded,
"Don't worry, Tate, I'll save you - just remember, you
owe me one." Then, pushing on that same hip, she turned
the other way, so they both faced the source of the cry.

"What are you doing with my Big Brother?" Like little
fireflies, Shiho's eyes glowed with an unusual chemical
energy. Pushed away by Nao's head turning, Tate jerked his
hand from Nao's head, settling for folding his arms after
a second or so of awkward fumbling. Enjoying the tension -
and the attention - Nao wrapped an arm around Tate's
waist, making sure that Shiho's claim of possession was
being ignored, as well as staking her own claim, at least,
until she'd had her fun.

"I don't see a collar on him, Shiho, so I think he
gets to choose for himself," Nao quipped. "Then again,
a collar might be fun..." Yuuichi jumped as Nao's hand ran
along his ribcage, like a giant spider, running its web.
"As for what we were doing, we can do it again, and show
you,..." Nao placed her other hand on Yuuichi's pecs,
giving an extra caress with a measured eye, not expecting
the punkish boy to still have such impressive muscle tone.
Yuuichi and Nao looked at each other, he more from the
chest stroke. Nao winked, causing him to blush slightly
and break the eye bond, while Nao turned back to Shiho,
knowing exactly what it looked like to her.

"That's...that's...waugh, that's horrible!" Shiho
broke down unhappily, running off, and pelting unlucky
pedestrians in the back as she fled. "Hmpf," Nao sniffed,
"didn't even fight for you, Tate. A shame; I would have
loved to slap the snot out of her." Nao looked at her hand
nonchalantly, while her other hand was still exploring
Yuuichi's waist and ribs. Yuuichi blew out a big sigh -
relief, of just tension, one couldn't say. "I have the
feeling I'm going to be paying for that, later," he moped.

Nao gave him a quick side hug, before removing her hand
and threading it through Yuuichi's arm. Then, her stomach
gave a little growl; well, two out of three fixed is good.
Then Nao saw a familiar restaurant down the street. "Oh,
Yuu-Ichi," Nao purred, "since you OWE me, and all, why
don't you take me to breakfast..." Nao was already licking
her lips in anticipation, but not of the food. She was
thinking about as annoying as the day had started, how
the rest of the day was looking great!


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Re: Turn About [Nao/Tate] - Another Zaney Contest Production!

Post by Jack on Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:16 pm

Maybe all the spider girl needed was a nice guy?
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