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HiME (On going)

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HiME (On going)

Post by LiteraryAnomaly on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:35 am

Well here we are... HiME is probably one of my favorite fics to write for. I'm loving the development, and by pulling from Otome in certain aspects I feel I can really muddle things quite nicely. This one is being worked out right now, but it's fairly far along if you decide to check it out past the first chapter. Enjoy lots of odd pairings, sex, violence, and other goodies... or not~!

Did I mention Shizuru is an alcoholic, drug user? T_o


by LiteraryAnomaly

chapter 1: Freedom

If you are kept as an animal... In time do you not become?

The world I live in swirls with colorless smoke that hides my listless eyes. A life before this one I cannot remember so emotions become as colorless as this world. There is a void inside of me that grows with each passing day, though as time becomes increasingly lost so does my sense of its passing. Something inside of me feels as if I am already dead. If you have lost the ability to feel... What then becomes the reason for continued existence?

What I wouldn't give to feel the sun on my face once again, or to have the breeze caress my pallid skin. Those luxuries are a distant memory. Residual energy from the being that used to inhabit this body. Twisting through my weary form something cords and tenses the overworked muscles and causes them to twitch annoyingly. My jaw once again goes slack and the vision in my eyes blurs. I can feel the saliva build and then bubble from the side of my mouth but I cannot stop it as it escapes down the side of my chin.

Before me there is a tunnel surrounded on either side by a brilliant shade of pure white light. Oddly it radiates only cold and causes my body to shiver. As my knees buckle I feel the chains tighten around my bruised wrists, it's the only thing keeping me upright. There are eyes wandering over my undernourished body. It is well toned despite the ill treatment it's been forced to endure. I'm constantly surprised I have not yet been broken. My body will not yield. My mind may depart, but my body.. Will not yield.

I see you standing there, though I do not know your name. I cannot make out your face but memories that are not my own present you to me. As the last memory fades from my sight I close my eyes and am swept away in beautiful warmth that is crimson melting over me. It is like this each time my veins pump with the clear liquid they inject. That haunting red has become so very enticing. Now I relish the thought of the next needle.

Unknown Goddess, I pray, take me from this place and my soul will forever be yours.

From behind the protection of the looking glass they were safe. Otherwise the specimen had to be drugged, which unfortunately made it near impossible to gauge emotional change. No matter, that could all wait. They were on the verge of the ultimate breakthrough, it wasn't necessary for the specimen to be awake. Actually for her own comfort it was best she was drugged... Less the pain be too much for her to handle.

"Subjects heart rate has dropped just above warning level. She's asleep, proceed with phase six four nine. The new breed of Nano Technology should allow us to isolate the gene and ready it for extraction. Soon we will have harnessed an original HiME sample, do you know what this means Miyu?" citrine eyes narrowed the slightest bit while studying various readouts from multiple computer screens.

It had taken Dr. Midori Sugiura six long years to locate and finally detain the only known pure HiME left. The feat would have been impossible without the undying loyalty of her 'assistant' Miyu. The pink eyed android had proved invaluable once they'd located the HiME, which was stronger than either of them had anticipated. That battle had almost killed them both, however in the end Miyu won with a well placed electric shock to the cerebral cortex which rendered the HiME unresponsive. At least long enough to tranquilize and get her into a holding facility where she could cause no harm to herself or others.

"Indeed. A pure sample will allow us the unspoiled power of the star. Where our competitors have failed we shall succeed. The time for sampling with organically modified gene replication has passed. Taking power from the source should have been the goal long ago." A smirk crossed the thin pink lips of Miyu. She glared through the mirrored glass at the seemingly lifeless form dangling mid-room.

"But if you recall just getting our hands on a pure sample..." Those citrine eyes roamed freely over the barely clothed body hanging before them. "Was hell enough."

The Doctor pulled her lab coat tighter around her chilled body and stepped back from the specimen they'd been examining. "Besides..." She said with an over confident smile. "Not all technology created in the past was a waste." Her hand trailed down the face of the stoic Miyu standing beside her. The android shifted away from the touch causing a pout from Dr. Sugiura.

"I'm going inside now." Miyu stated flatly as she pressed a circular button on one of the computer panels. After a loud release of hydraulic pressure a previously hidden door pushed upward, granting access to the holding cell. She moved around the specimen in silence, her eyes ever vigilant for any sign of movement. Call her over cautious but she'd been in combat with this particular HiME and didn't care to be on the receiving end of her deadly skills again.

Once satisfied the HiME wasn't going to try anything Miyu stepped forward to examine her closer. While in this unconscious state she seemed rather harmless. The android pursed her lips slightly and tilted her head. Dare she say the HiME was even.. Cute? What a strange thought but she couldn't help but think it. What set her apart from any other girl on the street? Miyu huffed and began preparing things on a small rolling tray beside her.

"Maybe the fact she could kill with minimal effort? To think, all of that power in such a deceptive shell..." Miyu twitched her nose uncharacteristically.

"What are you staring at?" Midori's irritated voice sounded over an intercom, effectively bringing Miyu out of her thoughts.

The Doctor gave her the 'What?' look to which she shook her head and took in a short breath. In her right hand she readied a large, rather intimidating needle while with her left she cleaned a small patch of skin along the HiME's neck.

"Commencing with phase six four nine; Injection of Nano Technology. Doctor Sugiura please boot the system to read mode, the needle will be injected in five, four, three..."

With the entry of a coded recognition sequence the system was started. On two of the four monitors' vital information about the specimen was being analyzed while the other two streamed several hundred lines of binary code across the screen with blinding speed.

"This is it..." Midori said while taking in a sharp breath. Tension rose in her chest, threatening to collapse her lungs. This was the very moment she had waited so long for. Everything she had worked so very hard for was about to come into fruition.

Miyu jabbed the thick needle into the neck of the bound HiME and pushed the plunger down, effectively dispensing a thick orange substance into her bloodstream. Midori watched from behind the glass, biting painfully into her lower lip. Her eyes continued to shift from the specimen to the monitors in front of her which were still spitting forth information. Her brows suddenly furrowed as one of the computers began to beep faintly.

"Miyu.." Midori called into a small speaker box which flooded her voice into the cell. "Her core temperature is rising dramatically. Can you see any outward change from in there?"

The android began searching the HiME over with her eyes but could tell no change. Her brows slowly furrowed as she noticed little red hives appearing on the specimen's chest and neck. "A rash is appearing on the subjects chest and neck region, there could be an allergic reaction to the Nano Technology."

Midori began typing away on her keyboard, citrine eyes narrowed in concentration. There was no way she was going to lose the opportunity of a life time over a simple allergic reaction. "Miyu, inject her with the counter measure; formula twenty-one twelve."

The 'counter measure' had been created as a last ditch resort should someone suffer a bad reaction to the introduction of the Nano machines into their system. It would neutralize over half of the machines and reduce the invasiveness by tenfold, hopefully ending the threat to the specimens life. Inside of the cell Miyu moved with quick precision readying the second needle which would inject the bluish liquid known only as formula twenty-one twelve.

Something is pounding against the inside of my chest. This realization has brought me from the depths of my unconscious dreams back to this hellish reality. Vaguely the remnants of the faceless angel watching over me nudge me toward the light. I want to open my eyes but they suddenly feel so very heavy..

'Fight back Natsuki.'

An inner voice speaks sweetly into my perked ears and a ghost of a smile crosses my cracked lips. There is no strength left within me so I am depending on you... Lend me your power.

"Injecting in three, two..." Miyu spoke before her eyes were even on the HiME so when she actually lifted her head she was stunned to see two brilliant emeralds staring back at her. "Midori..." She managed to whisper out before being slammed backward by a swift kick straight into her midsection.

Miyu's back slammed into the mirrored glass separating the lab from the holding cell causing Midori to jump back from pure shock. What the hell had just happened? She got her answer as soon as Miyu's limp body slid down the glass. Midori could clearly see the HiME was awake, and if her expression were any indication to her mood, she was pissed.

"Miyu! Get your ass up!" Midori called furiously into the intercom situated beside the monitors. It was futile because Miyu was still lying on the ground and showed no signs of getting up any time soon. Well the situation had just gone from victorious to sour in all of five minutes and now it seemed Midori would have to deal with the HiME alone. "Shit..." She growled between clenched teeth.

There was a click as Midori slid a fully loaded clip securely into the bottom of a newly produced nine millimeter pistol. She kept the piece hidden in a bottom drawer just for such occasions. Seemed now that once crazy sounding idea was going to prove wise. Beyond the shattered glass separating them, Midori watched the HiME but strangely she was making no moves to escape.

What Midori couldn't see were the HiME's lips moving, reciting in barely a whisper the release codes that would unlock her power. "Situation rating six point two, one remaining combatant armed with a low risk weapon. Power to stage four, requesting use of limited release..."

A subtle blue glow began to overtake the HiME's form, almost resembling some sort of ghost flame licking at her exposed flesh. Midori's eyes widened and she took a step back from the glass. Natsuki allowed her head to drop forward and her eyes to close as the power of the Star began to flow through her core. The heat was amazingly soothing to her battered body, healing her visible wounds upon coming into contact with them. The HiME seemed to be regenerating right before Midori's eyes and to see such an unabashed use of the Star's power caused her jaw to slacken. She'd never seen anything like it.

Slowly Natsuki inhaled and lifted her head, revealing those once emerald eyes to now be a brilliant, glowing cerulean. A faint grin spread across her lips as she flexed either arm, snapping the chains binding her wrists with ease. There was a slight thud when she landed on the floor but her upper body immediately thanked her for the release. How long had she been hanging there any way? She rolled her shoulders until she heard a rather satisfying crack and then focused her attention back on the Doctor who was still staring in awe.

"You should have left me where you found me..." Natsuki said in a rather sinister tone, cracking her knuckles while stepping toward the door that would lead her into the lab. As she lifted her right leg to step forward again it was grabbed from below. Furrowing her brows Natsuki peered down just in time to eat a massive right hook from the now fully awake Android Miyu. Before she could recover she was on the defense, blocking a flurry of blows from Miyu who was basically on top of her now.

With a grimace Natsuki sailed to the right, avoiding what would have been a nasty blow to her face. Miyu was quick, that was obvious and that alone had been the deciding factor in their fight before. Normally Natsuki relied on her undeniable brute strength and martial arts skills but Miyu was an entirely different opponent... She was a fucking Android. It made it rather hard to disable someone when they had no real response to pain.

Speaking of pain, a sharp one in her right side brought Natsuki back to reality. As she blinked her eyes she realized only then she was flying through the air. Instinctively she curled into the smallest ball she could manage before her body connected quite painfully with a concrete wall. Debris exploded around her, a cloud of dust and rock particles rising into the air and blanketing the area. When it settled Miyu was standing above a rather large piece of wall that had come down. She reached down and with ease flung the chunk of concrete aside, revealing underneath it the downed HiME.

"Troublesome creatures." Miyu murmured as she reached down to entangle her hand into the long blue locks peeking from above the rubble. Before she could her hand was slapped back and from the amass of concrete Natsuki kick flipped to her feet, then dropped low and took the Android's feet right from under her. On the way down Natsuki brought her foot down into Miyu's stomach, crunching her painfully into the rubble.

"Troublesome? You have no idea..." Natsuki growled and then advanced but her vision flashed white causing her equilibrium to immediately falter. "Shit.." She groaned and clutched her head which had suddenly begun throbbing. It was clear she wasn't going to last in this fight; it was getting out now or not at all. Quickly looking to her right Natsuki noted the wall that had come down was actually going to be her saving grace.

Through the remaining rubble she could see light. Without a moment more hesitation she bolted for the opening. Midori's eyes widened and immediately the barrel of the gun was brought up. A shot rang out but when the dust cleared there was only a bullet hole and a blood spatter where the HiME used to be.

"No!" Midori howled, forcing her way through the broken concrete and to the opening. Miyu was beside Midori in a second, a firm hand on the Doctor's shoulder.

"She won't make it far. It's clear you injured her and based upon her previous injuries... Even with the power of the Star she's in no condition to run from us. We'll have her again, leave that to me." Without waiting for a response or command from her master Miyu disappeared between the broken wall in pursuit.

Watching in disbelief Midori could only sigh. She had allowed herself to become comfortable with the fact they'd finally detained a HiME. Never should she have lowered her guard, even with Miyu at her side. Having a false sense of security is what always ruined the best laid plans.




Puffs of air surrounded her mouth as Natsuki ducked behind a nearby dumpster. Panting, she crumpled to the ground, clutching her side desperately. The glow of blue flame had begun dying down, now only resembling a faint aura surrounding her. "Shit.." Natsuki hissed, closing her eyes and rolling her head to the side. With a sharp intake of breath she pulled the hand away from her side and peered down. Blood was oozing from her at an alarming rate. For the first time since her initial capture a feeling of dread began creeping over her.

Emeralds scanned the immediate area. She had ended up outside of what looked to be a main facility but any real coordinates were unknown. To the right there was an unpaved road that led to a large gate. Anything beyond that couldn't be seen. To the left there was a tall security fence and then what seemed to be dense forest. That was going to be her best bet, to disappear into the forest and hopefully find a definite escape route.

Natsuki let out a breath and forced herself to stand. The first attempt was however in vain... Pain scorched through her entire body causing her to cry out. With a soft whimper she pushed upward again, this time willing her body to stand. She had to get over that fence or she was as good as dead. Well... She might already be dead but she'd be damned if she was going to die without at least making it further away from the capture site.

With the remaining strength in her body she leapt upward and grabbed hold of the top of the fence. Suppressing a howl of pain she tried her best to ignore the barbed wire eating into the palms of her hands. One swift jerk upward and she managed to hoist her body over the fence, landing with a thud on the other side. Not wanting to waste a second she darted into the thick brush and bolted as quickly as her already burning legs could carry her.

The remaining rays of sunlight were quickly fading. It had been hours since her initial escape but no end to the forest seemed in sight. With her energy zapped Natsuki rested against a thick tree trunk and attempted to catch her breath. One hand remained tightly pressed against her side but it wasn't helping hold any of the blood in. She had visibly paled more so over the course of her escape, it was evident her body was nowhere near one hundred percent. Then again being SHOT tended to make one not feel quite so nice...

Natsuki slowly slid down the side of the tree and into the leaves below. Her head was spinning and she felt nauseous, she was also sweating profusely but her skin was freezing to the touch. So this was what it felt like to die? Fear suddenly clenched her heart and sped up its beating. Without another thought of dying she pushed herself from the ground and took off in the direction she'd previously been heading in.

'Where the hell am I?'

Obviously lost and growing weaker with each passing moment, Natsuki peered ahead of her into the ever stretching darkness. Had she been going in circles? She couldn't even tell any longer in which direction she was traveling.

"You have got to get it together, Kuga! Now..." She breathed out slowly, allowing her eyes to close briefly. As she sucked cool air into her lungs those eyes popped open, faintly glowing a haunting cerulean. "Immediate areas scan commencing..." For a brief moment Natsuki stared into the darkness as if gifted with the sight to see right through it. Unfortunately there was nothing...

Her brow twitched in concentration, and teeth ground audibly. It was never this difficult to call upon her power, now it seemed to be working against her. Her muscles visibly tensed, but only for a brief moment before the blue flame faded from her eyes and she stumbled backwards. Clutching her stomach, Natsuki suddenly crumbled to the ground with a howl of pain.

"What the fuck!" She screamed through clenched teeth, pain spreading from her core and flooding her entire body. It felt as if she were on fire, the flesh literally melting from bone. With eyes wide toward the sky her body began to tremble slightly. Heat was replaced by a searing cold that was just as bad if not worse. With teeth chattering she laid there, shaking from uncontrolled muscle spasms wracking her body.

Finally the tremor stopped and she turned on her side trying to catch the breath that had been completely taken from her. The only thing she was able to do was vomit into the grass. After which she curled into the fetal position and wrapped her arms around her stomach, whimpering softly. What had they done to her in that lab?

She whispered to herself quietly, "You have to get up..." with her face still buried in the grass. It would be foolish to think she could lie here and not be re-captured. Surely that Android was on her trail and would probably be on top of her pretty soon. Weakly she managed to push herself off of the ground. Her legs were wobbly but she could manage... Hopefully. Still clutching her stomach she forced through the thicket.

Pink, robotic eyes scanned the immediate area to access the threat level. The last scan had put their HiME somewhere in this vicinity however now it seemed she was long gone. Miyu stepped out into a small clearing, eyes searching the ground and then narrowing.

"Hm,.." She purred to no one in particular while dropping to one knee and examining something. Her cell phone was produced a moment later. "Doctor.. I've found her trail. It seems her body is trying to reject the Nano Technology..."

On the other end of the line a very annoyed Midori was firing off several questions but Miyu only focused on one in particular. "I found where she vomited."

Gagging could be heard on the opposite end of the phone. Miyu merely stared stoically at the uninteresting blades of grass tickling her knee until Midori was finished.

"She's not far from my current location; I can still feel the residual energy from the star. She must have been trying to use her powers. That could have been what caused the expulsion from her stomach." Miyu stood and cracked her neck from one side to the other. "You leave that to me, hunting is my specialty, remember?" It would seem the briefest glint of a smile pulled the corners of the Androids mouth as she hung up her phone.

This was going to be fun...

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Re: HiME (On going)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:32 pm

Fantastic opener to what I'm predicting is going to be an amazing HiME/Otome crossover story. In fact, I was quite shocked about how many chapters there were. I'm hoping the plotline of the Nano Technology seen in the Mai-Otome is explored further, amongst the naughtiness you have planned for future chapters. After all, Steph, what better way to take advantage of an element that didn't have much backstory.

By the way, an alcoholic drug abusing Shizuru doesn't surprise me one bit. Our gay kyoto-ben fairy always had flaws and this will only make me love her more; unless she does herself in...DUNDUNDUN!

Looking forward to the addition of chapter 2!


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HiME ch.2 The First Encounter

Post by LiteraryAnomaly on Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:16 pm

by LiteraryAnomaly

chapter 2: The First Encounter

"You couldn't save me..."

"Please forgive me but I was weak. I failed you, and the burden will never be lifted."

Night has fallen and the white wash walls still surround me. My unrecognizable face stares back at me from gleaming tiled floors. I walk alone. There is no sound, only silence. As I move I see faces contorted and frozen in pain. The anguish of families losing one another inside this place haunts my very soul. During my dreams there is no escape. The white walls turn red and the screams become overwhelming, ringing inside of my ears. Am I even really here? I can't tell any more... My world is otherwise colorless save for the soft blue that takes my breath away.

"So... Fujino..."




"I was thinking perhaps tonight we should get a drink..."


"You need to get out mo..."

With an over dramatic sigh Shizuru cut her crimson eyes toward the handsome woman across from her. "Do you really think this is the proper place to have such a discussion, Chie?" She raised a neatly trimmed eyebrow.

"Great way to divert the subject." Chie huffed while removing the thin, rubber gloves from her hands. After tossing them into the disposal bin she stepped toward a rather large sink and began scrubbing her hands and forearms. "I hardly ever see you outside of work these days."

Fighting the urge to sigh again, Shizuru resigned herself to the fate of having to go out to a bar with Chie. "So where are you sweeping me off to?" A subtle smile tugged the corner of her mouth when she saw her friend visibly light up. A broad grin found its way onto Chie's lips and for a moment Shizuru studied them. "Mm,.. So full and pouty, quite delicious..." There was a clearing of the throat and Shizuru put on her best 'innocent face'.

"And you say I'm inappropriate at work? Really... Ogling me over a patient." Chie finished drying her hands with a smirk. "Speaking of him..." She reached over and picked up a manila folder, thumbing through the pages. "I think we're finished here. It's all up to him now." The folder was closed without another glance.

Shizuru twitched her nose as she finished the last few stitches across the nameless mans chest. She often envied that Chie could so easily separate her feelings from her work. As a surgeon that was an important quality, but one Shizuru had a hard time with. After removing and disposing of her gloves Shizuru washed the same as Chie had and both women exited the room.

"Akemi, could you please make sure Mr. Kadoui is moved to a private room?" Shizuru smiled politely to the night nurse she was speaking to. The woman graciously nodded and took the outstretched folder before entering the surgery room.

Chie watched as the young nurse walked away... Shizuru simply smirked and continued on down the hallway. A slow sigh escaped between her lips, it was late (or was it early?) and she could feel the sleep deprivation zapping her remaining energy. Going out with Chie tonight was going to be rough, but worth it in the end... It always was.

With a slight twist of her upper body Shizuru's back released a satisfying crack that caused her to gasp just slightly. Ugh.. She really needed to have that looked at. Finding her way into one of the unoccupied rooms she took a seat on the edge of a spare bed and ran a hand through her long, chestnut colored hair. It had been four nights since she'd last had uninterrupted sleep and even then it only lasted a few hours. Kicking back onto the bed Shizuru rubbed at her eyes and blinked up at the ceiling. How long had she been on shift? The hours bled together.

Thus was the life of an ER Doctor.

It only took a few moments for those heavy eyelids to get the better of her. Breathing in and out slowly she drifted into a dreamless slumber. 'Just five minutes, please...' She silently prayed.


Throw away all of the pain that I'm livin'...

The simple black dress didn't do the lithe form of Shizuru justice as she moved seductively across the dance floor. From above her delicious milky flesh was bathed with multi-color strobes, making her even more delectable looking. Those ever enchanting crimson eyes were half lidded, full of lust and they were locked on her chosen prey for the evening. Slowly she dipped down and brought it back up, her hips writhing with the beat of the bass heavy club music.

From the shadows several pairs of eyes soaked in the visage but no one seemed brave enough to approach her. That was until a rather dashing charcoal colored hair woman stepped onto the edge of the dance floor. She looked relaxed in her casual suite pants, white button up and loose fitting tie... A real head turner herself. Slowly she moved toward Shizuru, grinding her own hips to the beat.

Once face to face with the chestnut haired beauty Chie reached out and wrapped an arm around her waist, closing the distance between them rather quickly. Hungry eyes stared on as the pair began to move together, bodies seeming to meld into one another.

This only lasted a brief moment before Shizuru turned her back to the tomboy, seemingly about to walk away... However Chie reached forward, placing both hands on Shizuru's hips and ground against her backside. Shizuru's eyes widened the slightest bit, a small smile tugging her lips. Her body instantly relaxed and she leaned back into Chie, letting the taller girl lead them.

"Dancing with you never gets old..." Chie whispered seductively into Shizuru's ear, causing a ripple of heat to roll through her body.

The feeling of the well muscled body of Chie pressed so tightly against her was intoxicating. It didn't help matters that those precise surgeons' hands kept finding their way to more sensitive areas.

Shizuru could only gasp when she felt Chie nibble lightly on her earlobe. "Chie..." She said the name just above a whisper, allowing her eyes to close. Together they continued to dance, the heat rising between them considerably.

An empty wine bottle and random pieces of clothing littered the dark hallway leading toward a half opened door from which shone the only light in the apartment. Suddenly the door slammed closed and soft giggling could be heard.

"Uhn,.." Shizuru grunted as her back hit the cool wood of Chie's work desk. She was slid up onto the edge, her legs spread apart as the handsome tomboy crushed their lips together. Both of their hands feverishly worked at each others clothing, pulling, tugging, basically ripping it off.

Chie finally broke the kiss and stepped back, admiring Shizuru as she sat atop her desk in nothing but a pair of dark red thongs and bra. "So.. Sexy..." She murmured which caused a light blush to overtake Shizuru's cheeks.

Shizuru licked her lips and eyed the tomboy hungrily. She had managed to get that button up off leaving Chie clad in only her suit pants and that black tie which hung so very deliciously right between Chie's small, perky breasts. "Agreed..." She purred while reaching out and grabbing hold of that tie, tugging the tomboy closer until they were again tangled in a heated kiss.

Expert hands found their way easily under that thin, red material and soon Shizuru was being treated to the highly effective hands of Dr. Harada.


A world of darkness is where I exist. Shadows dance upon the walls before swallowing me whole. Each night I feel their teeth ravage my soul. In this place I feel your presence and it keeps me sane... When all I want is to lose control.

Your name tickles my lips yet I cannot speak it. Almost like a distant memory I cannot quite recall... But want with all of my being to remember. In my most dire moments you save me from the precipice.

Still... I want to fall.

In the distance sirens wail, breaking the barrier to my dreams. I struggle to open my eyes but something keeps pulling me underneath. The warmth of your constant gaze fails me and I'm plunged into a feeling of regret so strong it takes my breath away. Gasping I reach out into the darkness but there is nothing to hold onto and I'm drowning.

"Shizuru.. Wake up..." The voice was distant, unrecognizable but growing closer. Chie rolled over fully in the bed and gently took hold of the thrashing woman's arm, stilling her momentarily. "Shizuru... You're having a bad dream."

Without warning Shizuru flung the covers off of her and sat up, eyes wide and heart racing. Chie sat up as well, slightly startled by the sudden movements of her friend.

"Woah.. Calm down, you're safe." Chie whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around Shizuru's shoulders after slipping behind her. "You're here with me, remember?" A light kiss was placed on Shizuru's earlobe.

After a moment crimson eyes slowly peeked from behind closed eyelids and began scanning the darkened room carefully. Her heart began to slow as the realization she was indeed safe washed over her sweat soaked form.

"Are you... Okay?" Chie asked quietly, squeezing Shizuru's arms tenderly. She couldn't help but notice when the blonde tensed from her touch. That hurt a little... But she hid it well.

Shizuru eventually slid out of Chie's hold completely and to the edge of the bed where she sat staring down at the floor. A slow sigh passed her lips as she forced her mouth to open. "It was two years today..." Her tone was distant and dripped of the sorrow she felt in her heart.

Chie's mouth went somewhat slack and she sighed inwardly, allowing her head to drop. "Damnit Shizuru why didn't you say something sooner?"

Running a hand down her bare arm Shizuru squeezed the flesh, turning it slightly red. "I... Don't know. I was.. Trying to deal with it.." What a lame excuse, but it was all she had.

"Shizuru.." Chie whispered before laying a hand on the other woman's shoulder and rubbing gently. "You don't have to weather such things alone. I'm here for you,.." About that time Shizuru stood from the bed, effectively dropping Chie's hand from her shoulder. "I just wish you would trust me." She watched as Shizuru's lithe from crossed the room toward the adjoining bathroom and entered inside.

"I do.." Shizuru whispered as the door clicked shut behind her. Before the effects of the dream could even begin wearing off exhaustion began creeping back up on her. She could feel the ache in the front of her head and the tension in her shoulders increase. It seemed these feelings never went away.

The light bulb crackled to life with the flip of a switch and flooded the bathroom in dim, yellow light. Shizuru stood gazing into the mirror at the dark circles forming under her eyes. "Would you still love me?" She whispered while leaning forward toward the mirror, almost waiting to hear a reply. Her forehead came to rest against the cool glass and for a second she let her eyes close.

"You couldn't save me..."

Said a breathy reply from out of the darkness. The voice rang in Shizuru's ears causing her to jump back slightly, eyes once again wide open. In the mirror stared out a beautiful young girl with eyes of the purest blue. Her medium length, sandy colored hair blew gently against high cheekbones and a round nose, the ends even touched upon soft pink lips. She was beautiful.

"Yumi..." Shizuru whispered painfully, her heart clenching in her chest. Those blue eyes stared a hole through her, the pain was almost overwhelming.


"Dr. Fujino we've had a major accident downtown, three patients are being brought in now. We've got arrival in about thirty seconds. One patient is stabilized, two are critical one of which has major head trauma." The nurse rushed through the information she'd been given while she and Dr. Fujino hurried toward the ambulance dock. Sirens could already be heard coming into the drop off area as they pushed through the double doors, two more nurses following behind.

The bus screeched to a halt and the EMT's immediately began un-hauling one of the patients, relaying condition and vital information to Shizuru as they wheeled him into the hospital via gurney.

"Get this man up to the OR, Dr. Sanguine is standing by. I will oversee the other two being brought in." Shizuru was cool, calm and collected as usual when emergency situations were unfolding. Her nerves of steel were one of the many reasons why she was so suited for this profession.

By the time the first arrival was in the elevator on his way upstairs the other two ambulances had arrived. EMT's were bringing the patients down the hall and Shizuru was there waiting for the info relay. Before she could speak with them one of the nurses stepped in front of her and held up her hands. "Shizuru you need to listen to me..."

Shizuru's brows furrowed at the use of her first name. It was a little out of character for anyone besides Chie to use her first name while on shift. The nurse was talking but Shizuru wasn't really listening. Her eyes scanned the two gurneys going by and her heart sunk. Crimson eyes immediately went wide and she lunged forward, but the nurse was there to stop her from reaching the gurney.

"Yumi!" Shizuru cried out and pushed against the nurse, trying in vain to get the woman out of her way.

"Shizuru stop! Please listen to me!" The smaller nurse couldn't hold onto Shizuru any longer. The brunette pushed her aside and ran for the elevator, sliding inside just as the doors were closing. Her heart thudded painfully against her chest, threatening to explode. On the gurney lay a beautiful girl with brilliant blue eyes opened wide, her body mangled. Her hair was matted down with blood, face smeared and scratched. Shizuru's body began to shake uncontrollably as she laid over the gurney, unable to do anything else but gather the woman into her arms and scream.

One of the EMT's in the elevator took Shizuru by the back of the arms and tried to pull her off the patient but she wouldn't budge. "Dr. Fujino, you have to move so we can save her!" With a final pull Shizuru was jerked back and out of the way. The elevator let out a chime and then opened, allowing the EMT's to rush down the hallway. Shizuru stumbled out into the hall, eyes wide and blank her white lab coat stained red. Several nurses rushed over and caught her just as she was falling to her knees. The world around her began to slow and then blur as blackness consumed her vision completely.


The cold water felt refreshing on her face. She let it pool in her hands and then brought it up, splashing it across her pale flesh and watching as each droplet rolled down toward her chin. It also brought her back from those painful memories. Gently she dabbed her face with a wash cloth, setting it aside as she once again looked into the mirror. This time it was only her own reflection she saw.

With a sigh she reached over to the floor and grabbed a small black carry bag. After a moment of rummaging she produced a prescription bottle and took a little blue pill from it. It was quickly swallowed and afterward Shizuru sighed, almost feeling better already.

A few more moments and she could feel the slow oncoming effects from the little pill. First her head began to feel a bit lighter and then her vision would trail the slightest bit when she moved her eyes. Muscles loosened and began to relax, and finally her mind got the familiar buzzy feeling that let her know everything would be... Tolerable again.

Soon the painful memories were buried once more and she could look at herself in the mirror without feeling a stab of pain in her heart. Carefully she returned the bag to the floor and then went for the door. Once back out in to the bedroom she was surprised to find Chie still awake and sitting on the bed, one lone lamp shining beside her. She looked up toward Shizuru, worry evident on her features.

"...Is everything alright?" She asked tentatively.

Shizuru made her way very slowly toward the bed and took a seat on the edge. The room was spinning the slightest bit. "I'm okay." She replied softly, trying to offer a smile to calm her friends worry. It didn't.

Chie licked her lips and sighed, but gave a nod. "You should have told me before."

"And what would you have done?" Shizuru asked, almost a bit angrily and immediately regretted the way it came out. "Chie... You give me exactly what I need... An escape, a way to handle what happened. When I am with you I don't need to focus on the bad." Slowly she turned and crawled onto the bed, leaning into Chie and planting a "reassuring" kiss on her lips.

Chie wasn't convinced but what could she do? Shizuru wasn't one for talking about things that weighed heavily on her. Instead she would bottle it up or pop one of the pills that she had taken a liking to over the last two years.

"I need to get home... It's late." Shizuru slipped easily off of the bed and began gathering her clothing. First to go back on were the undergarments of course and then the little dress she'd been wearing earlier.

"Home... You don't want to stay over?" Chie tilted her head while watching Shizuru slip easily into that skin tight dress.

Shizuru smirked. "You know I don't like to impose overnight." She struggled slightly getting her high heels on but managed to do so without falling thanks to support from the wall. Chie and her both knew that was a bullshit excuse. The truth was Shizuru couldn't stand to wake up with someone knowing it wasn't Yumi. It was just better to wake up alone.

Chie sighed and ran a hand through her tangled hair. "At least let me drive you then." She began getting out of the bed but Shizuru shook her head in protest.

"I'll take a cab like I normally do." Shizuru stood fully dressed, bag from the bathroom tucked under one arm. "Stop worrying about me, I'm a big girl."

It was easy to tell there was something a little off about Shizuru by the way she seemed to walk just a little too sluggishly. Almost immediately Chie realized Shizuru had probably taken something while she had been in the bathroom. "What are you on?"

Shizuru's brows rose atop her forehead. "Nothing strong enough to kill me."

That response was a little disconcerting to Chie who frowned and stood from the bed. Without another word she began pulling on a pair of jeans from a nearby drawer. Shizuru closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around the still bare upper body of Chie. The warmth was so inviting Shizuru pressed into it and sighed contently. "I'm fine, I promise." She whispered before pulling away and giving a little wave as she went for the door.

"Thank you Chie..." She said, blowing a small kiss and turning down the hallway. Chie listened to the footsteps as they grew softer until the front door clicked shut. She dropped her shoulders in frustration.

"Damnit Shizuru..."


The cool night air blew across her face like a gentle kiss upon the flesh. Stars rose high above and greeted the crimson eyes that stared up at them. Shizuru had always been fond of the stars... More often than not she would sit and stare at them for hours, asking them all the questions of the universe. Too bad she never got a response.

Heels clicked loudly on the pavement as she made her way down the street toward a familiar four-way intersection. She stood at the edge waiting for the walk signal to light up, idly picking at the inside of her palms with her nails. The light switched and she began crossing, safely making it to the other side and continuing on her journey. She had told Chie she would get a cab but it was much too beautiful of a night not to walk. It was rare enough she had these quiet moments without mental distraction. Maybe the cool air and the serenity of the night would wash her memories from earlier away.

It only served to take her mind to thoughts of Chie. The woman had been her friend since junior high school. They had always been close though they'd never been lovers... Not until after Yumi. Shizuru passed right over that though and went back to thinking how Chie had been there for her through everything, every single good moment and especially the bad ones. A seed of regret began to germinate in her belly. It wasn't right for her to use the woman like she did. Even if Chie didn't see it that way it always seemed Shizuru was using her as a means of escape.

"Chie..." She whispered softly onto the breeze.

"I can be whoever you want me to be..." A gruff voice shook Shizuru from her thoughts, causing her to look up. There was no one there. Her brows furrowed but just as they did a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind. She was hoisted off of the ground and drug backwards. Quickly her mind told her to scream but a hand clamped over her mouth, cutting off any attempt.

Her muscles tensed and she struggled against the larger body pressed against her back but it was doing no good. She was being drug straight from the street to a side alley, dark and deserted save for a couple dumpsters. Despite the fact there was a hand over her mouth Shizuru screamed anyway. The sound was muffled, barely even audible at all.

"Shut up!" The unknown man growled as he literally threw Shizuru into the alley. She stumbled, the right heel of her shoe breaking and sending her tumbling to her hands and knees. The pavement stung as it ate into the soft flesh of her palms. Crimson eyes lifted and met the cold browns of her assailant.

His thick lips spread into a greasy smile and he descended upon Shizuru, jerking her from the ground and pinning her back to the brick wall of an abandoned building. "Look at those legs..." He grumbled, large hands gripping the backside of Shizuru's left thigh and squeezing the toned skin there. She flinched, trying to push him away from her.

White exploded from the corners of her eyes and her cheek burned from a hard back hand that almost knocked her unconscious. A yelp escaped her mouth and tears began to blaze a path down to her chin. She was in real trouble here.

"Now just be quiet and I'll let you go..." One of his hands wrapped around her throat, squeezing just enough to get the point across. Shizuru's heart was thudding so hard in her chest she feared a heart attack might be imminent. The fear was only heightened by the fact the drug swimming in her system made everything blur and go into slow motion.

"I don't think the lady wants you touching her."

The voice was quiet, almost going unheard as the man began pushing up Shizuru's dress. His brows furrowed the slightest bit and he turned his head to look behind him. There was no one there... Maybe he was hearing things again? It didn't matter, he had something to finish. His attention immediately went back to Shizuru who had a strange look in her eyes... It wasn't the fear he'd seen in them before. Now it seemed more a look of confusion and was that... Relief?

"What the..." He began but before another word could be uttered searing pain erupted from his left temple, reverberating all the way throughout his head and face. A scream of pain echoed from his throat and Shizuru was released, forgotten for the moment.

She stumbled backwards, finding herself against one of the three dumpsters in the alley. Without a second thought she ducked behind it, trying to disappear before the man remembered she'd been there. Her body shook with uncontrolled fear and confusion about what had just happened. Something had.. No, someone had hit him but she hadn't seen anyone and neither had he apparently. All she knew was the voice she had heard sounded like a savior at that moment in time.

A loud crash brought Shizuru from her thoughts and daringly she peeked over the rim of the dumpster in time to see a compact looking figure dart from the shadows and take the large man to the ground. It was done with such speed and ease that he seemed to be made of air rather than the surely over two hundred fifty pound weight Shizuru had felt pressed against her body moments before.

Her eyes widened when she saw the figure pummel the man until he was no longer making a move other than breathing, and that was even questionable. The smaller figure was limping away, but Shizuru hadn't seen the man get a hit in that would cause that. Going against her gut feeling she stepped out from behind the dumpster and right into the path of the dark figure. "Wait!"

The figure lifted its head, taking a step back for good measure. What Shizuru saw then caused her breath to catch in her throat. From the knee down she felt a weakness spread throughout her and soon she was falling... Right into the arms of the person that had just saved her.

"Easy..." The figure whispered while easing Shizuru against its chest. "You're fine now, I uh.. Don't think he will be bothering you anymore?" Damn the heroine stuff, she had never been good with what to say after situations of peril. Not that she had found herself in many quite like this.

Shizuru's breathing was shallow at best as she rested her head against the figures chest and simply held on. She shivered unintentionally and instinctively the figure held her closer. It was surreal how oddly comfortable she felt in this impromptu embrace. "Who..."

"That's not important." The figure cut her off before she could ask anything further. "Are you alright?"

Shizuru lifted a hand to her head and rubbed it tenderly, giving a slight nod afterward. "I think so, just shaken up." She nestled into the warm embrace of the stranger for a moment longer before blinking and then stepping back. "Oh.." She said, slightly embarrassed she'd allowed this person to hold her for so long.

It was funny but she missed the warmth almost instantly. "I don't know what to say besides thank you, but it doesn't seem like enough." She bit the inside of her cheek as her eyes examined the person that had just saved her life. Those crimson eyes widened the slightest bit...It was surprising to find that her savior was a woman and probably a bit younger than herself.

She had a milky white complexion with long bluish-black hair that danced beautifully in the wind. Her face was somewhat familiar but Shizuru couldn't place where she might know this woman from. The main captivation was those jade colored eyes. They were haunting... And Shizuru felt herself wanting to swim inside of them.

The woman suddenly chuckled and it was such a cute sound that it caught Shizuru off guard. "Don't worry about it, you're okay it seems so..." About that time a surge of pain caught up with her and she crumpled to one knee, grimacing while clutching her side.

Shizuru's eyes widened. "Are you okay?" She asked, her voice showing her concern. "Did he hurt you?" She was suddenly very hot, her hands shaking due to the anger she felt coursing through her. Hurting her was one thing but now she had gotten someone else hurt too.

"No.. It's.. fine...I'mokayithink..." Natsuki's words ran together toward the end. Her vision as well as her energy ebbed until it dipped out completely and she collapsed to the pavement. Shizuru immediately went into "doctor" mode and began checking the woman's vitals. While doing so she chanced a peek at the side the woman had been favoring. What she found caused her to gasp.

Was that... A bullet wound?
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