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Drabble Collection (FFXIII, FLight)

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Drabble Collection (FFXIII, FLight)

Post by Valkyria Lightning on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:56 am

1. Posession

Fang shifted lightly in bed, enjoying the cool whiff of air on bare skin. Emerald colored eyes scanned the lithe forms next to her.

To the Oerban beauty, it had been a shame. Skin as white as porcelain, hidden under a blanket and clothes; why couldn't her partner sleep naked, just like her, she thought to herself with a silent huff. With an upcoming grin, her fingers crawled along the hindrance, pulling it away to gloat over that marvelously carved shoulder.

Fang's lips settled down on snow-white landscape, leaving the faintest of kisses. Possessive? Well… maybe. She couldn't help it.

2. Tease

"Stop it… it's annoying…"

Steel-blue eyes met emerald ones in irritation. Lightning had tolerated Fang's poking-antics for quite a while, but by the time, she clearly ran out of patience. However, the tall woman sitting next to her on the couch didn't seem to be affected by her lover's upcoming aggressions. Instead, she went on with her tactic, poking the soldier's sides once more.

"Sunshin~ee?", she purred lasciviously.

The pink-haired woman jerked at the poke and sensual voice, facing her counterpart and gritting her teeth.


Fang showed a broad grin, nudging the woman's nose tip teasingly.

"…I love you!"

3. Break a thing, mend your luck

The noise of breaking glass destroyed passion in mere seconds. Silence followed, accompanied by a pair of steel-blue eyes scanning the kitchen counter. Eyebrows furrowed as the mess – a broken vase, shards in a puddle of water – was detected and a low growl escaped the soldier's lips.


Lightning wanted to move, but strong well-muscled arms pinned her on the counter, keeping her in place. She gasped at the harsh impact.

"We can clean this mess later. Right, soldier?"

Fang's voice, close to the young woman's ear, caused Lightning to shudder. Hungrily, she closed the distance with a burning kiss…

4. Revenge is best, served cold!

Lazily, Fang raised her head as her ears took notice of running water. Geez, did Lightning wake up before her again? Quickly, she got on her feet, despite the fact that the dark-haired beauty wasn't a morning person at all.

The Oerban snuck into the bathroom, watching her lover under the shower. Waves of arousal rushed through her body as she undressed quickly, creeping slowly into the soldier's territory to wrap her arms around that lithe body in surprise.

"Good morning…", Fang cooed, kissing her neck heatedly.

Lightning's hand moved, turning the water icy-cold. Fang's yelp in shock amused her.

5. Physical fascination - (lime)

She loved watching Lightning's face whenever Fang took her. The expression, right before she exploded, shaking and trembling madly, drove her wild, like this time.

The soldier bucked under her treatment like an untamed horse, eyes shut tightly, hot breath escaping her parted lips. Lightning has been a silent lover, but Fang took her time to study her lover's body language. The way she tensed, her legs quivering and her husk voice reaching the warrior's ears had been a symphony, responding to the Oerban's skill.

Hitting her teeth into her lover's shoulder and clinging desperately on her, Lightning's body erupted.

6. Just THAT good!

Lightning felt like a spoiled kitten as she sprawled her limbs, eyes barely open while she curled up next to Fang. The warmth of their entangled bodies gave comfort to the soldier; with a satisfied sigh she rested her head against her lover's shoulder.

Pulling the warrior's hand closer, Lightning explored her palm with gentle touches, tracing concise lines with her fingertips and tickling sensitive skin.

"Hey, what are you up to?"

Fang's voice sounded husk, lightly amused and brought a light shade of pink into her counterpart's face. Nonetheless, the soldier put her own hand on top of the warrior's, just to see how small and delicate hers seemed to be in comparison. Eyelids half closed, her gaze wandered along long and slender fingers; Lightning couldn't help it but to smirk lightly.

"… nothing. Just looking at your hands," the soldier started, her smile growing wider.

"Do you like them?"

Lightning nodded, interweaving their fingers in absence. She brought her lover's hand close to her lips, breathing the lightest of kisses on tanned skin.

"I love them…"

Fang chuckled, dedicating her attention to the soldier.

"I bet. They make you high… I'm just that good!"

"Oh, SHUT UP already!"

7. Jealous? (requested by Weto)

"Oh, look at all those sheep! Aren't they adorable?"

Vanille kneeled on the grass, wrapping her slim arms around one of the fuzzy critters that roamed in the area of the Nautilus Park. The animal seemed to like the treatment, leaning against the touch and nudging the petite girl's shoulder in hope to get some goodies.

Fang watched her with a gentle smile, closing the distance between her and Vanille.

"They are! Kinda remind me of you!"

The younger Oerban glanced back, cheeks flushed and a pouting expression in grassy green eyes.

"Meanie! That's not true!"

Fang couldn't help but bursting out in laughter, finally bending over to ruffle strawberry-blonde hair, earning a displeased groan at first that changed into a giggle only seconds later. The taller warrior joined the girl, reaching out to pet the sheep.

"Sooo~ fuzzy! I'd love to take one with me~"

They laughed heartily over the thought, enjoying themselves.

Not too far away from them, Lightning stood on her own, her gaze drifting to the close friends. She didn't know why, but watching them caused her guts to churn. Quickly, she crossed her arms, leaning against a wall with a frown.

Jealous? Not really, right?

8. Nice view! Fang /Lebreau (requested by WolfKuga)

Absorbed in thoughts, Fang stared at the shot glass in front of her. Cursing herself lowly, her fingers reached back, tugging a strand of braided hair. Well, shit. They shouldn't have split up, right? Outside, there was this special occasion with a splendorous firework – no wonder Vanille disappeared in the crowd like that. End of story? The tall warrior had lost her companion.

She took a sip of that liquor the bartender had offered – a "house special", or something like that. The fluid burned down her throat, causing Fang to shudder inwardly. From the outside, people couldn't even tell that the taste was disgusting to her.

"Another one?"

The Oerban woman raised her head, her gaze lingering on a nice view – held together by a salaciously tight purple bikini top. The white shirt underneath seemed to be just an unnecessary detail, being loosely stuck in. Also, she had a remarkably cute face, framed by dark, fringy hair.

Fang looked up, an amused grin on her lips.

"Quite young for a bartender, aren't we?", she asked with thick tease in her voice, shoving the shot glass into the girl's direction.

"I'm the boss here!", the girl answered dryly, refilling the glass.

9. Too sexy!

"Come on Light, I didn't mean to – "

Fang stumbled after the obviously pissed soldier who was tempted to slam the door right before the Oerban's nose. Lightning FUMED, her steel-blue eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms before her chest, counting inwardly to three.

"…Really…", came her dry retort, followed by a huff.

"I told you that this chick hit on ME, not the other way around!"

The tall woman approached her lover; fingertips brushed champagne-colored hair aside to reveal the nape of her neck. She secretly adored the pale, sensitive skin, wondering if she could actually dare and place a kiss on Lightning's sensitive spot.

"Tch. I've seen something different. In fact, the one who started it was-"

Damn, why did Fang have to do this? The soldier's words died down and she froze in place, feeling fine hair stand on end. Clenching her hands to fists, Lightning tried to fight down the upcoming pleasure and alarming tingle in her stomach.

"I'm sorry, sunshine… can't help it. I'm just that sexy…"

The Oerban's husk and smooth voice was so close to the woman's ear that her knees grew weak.

"… god, just…"

Fang's kiss cut out her complaints.

10. Sugar castle (Farroncest-related)

Lightning stared at the coffee cup, watching the reflection of her face in the dark fluid. How much time has passed since she got up? The soldier couldn't tell. If minutes or hours, it didn't really matter anymore.

Mechanically, she reached out for the sugar. So much silence around. Usually, Lightning didn't mind, but… today, it had been different.

She poured the white crystalline substance into the stale-tasting drink with an absent mind. One… of these days, right? Somewhere, far away from her own existence, Lightning heard the door open and shut.


She still had poured sugar into her coffee. A small tower of white that had emerged from the cup's bottom, turned brown and crumbled. Cruelly slow.

From afar, there was her sister's cheerful laughter.

"Hey, I was waiting for you!"

Lightning's eyebrows furrowed. Not HIM. For fuck's sake!

"Sorry for taking so long, Snow! I hope you don't mind! Why didn't you come in?"

The soldier clenched her left hand into a fist, with gritted teeth she tried to ignore the conversation from outside.

"You kidding me, Serah? Your sister would kill me at first sight!"

'Damn right, asshole', she hissed, secret tears dripping on the table.

11. Hurt (Angst)

"… You're going to sleep on the couch tonight."

Lightning's voice was calm; way too calm and icy as she passed the sentence. Hands dropped at her sides, the woman passed Fang's appearance, walking into the bedroom- leaving the confused Oerban behind.

What was it this time? Really, they just couldn't go out and have a few drinks WITHOUT drama coming from the female soldier.


Quickly, she jumped on her feet as she followed her partner, a puzzled expression on her face. She didn't come far though. With arched eyebrows, the woman watched Lightning ripping Fang's sheets and pillow off the bed.

"Light, you're… - uh, would ya be so kind and tell me what the hell is wrong?"

Yeah, she was drunk. And angry over a matter the dark-skinned woman didn't know yet. Time to find out, whether it had been smart or not.

"DON'T. ASK! You know why!"

Lightning's voice was shaking; she turned around with furious eyes, smacking the pillow right into Fang's face. The Oerban stumbled, gasping at the harsh impact.

"What the- HEY! I didn't do anything!"

Pink eyebrows furrowed.


Fang slammed the door violently behind her.

12. Heaven

Entangled into a long and sensual kiss, Lightning found herself trapped, Fang in front of her, the dining table behind. Long, slender arms traveled down her sides, settled at her hips. The female soldier tilted her head, inhaling greedily through her nose. That woman took everything – her sanity seemed to be the lowest price, after all.

She opened her lids, blinked shortly at her counterpart who only had that smug grin on her full lips. Lightning felt another push against her body, she gasped loudly as her hind met the cool wooden surface underneath. There wasn't even a chance to complain; lips found each other in a heated caress and the soldier shuddered as hip-bones crashed together. She could hear a throaty groan escaping Fang's system and feel the Oerban's body invading her private space.

Chilly air hit her sensitive lips as the kiss stopped, instead she felt Fang's caress moving along her chin and outline of her jaw, aiming for her ear. The female soldier gripped the edge of the dining table, grateful that she was sitting on the surface. The wild and untamed attention towards her face caused Lightning's knees to grow awfully weak. Fang's fingers ran through soft strands of champagne-colored hair, nails scraping along her scalp.

In this moment, Lightning felt like she was in heaven.

13. The quiet resistance (lime?)

"No… don't…"

Fang looked up, feigning innocence as she glanced at the woman writhing underneath her in pleasure. She dragged a canine over her bottom lip, only grinning at the reaction as her index drew tiny circles around Lightning's navel, tightening the noose.

"Don't 'what', gorgeous?"

Viridian green eyes gleamed in passion as she watched her victim, dipping her head to spread tiny, hasty kisses along pale skin, tracing the line she had defined with her fingertip before. The female soldier huffed; she exhaled noisily as one hand gripped the bed sheet tightly, pulling it closer to herself.

"Don't pretend you don't like it. It only brings you into a heated situation…", Fang hissed, her voice only a husk whisper. Settling her hands at Lightning's hips, she dug her nails into the well-known sensitive spots, scraping along her sides; she loved the low whimper that followed as reaction, the suppressed sound whenever Lightning bit her lower lip in her stubborn attitude. Of course, she wouldn't allow herself to just let go and enjoy, right?

But the wild Oerban beauty knew how to release the soldier's inner beast.

Her kisses got replaced by provoking, quick bites and nips, cornering Lightning's navel mercilessly, licking the afflicted spots in rapturous affection. The female soldier sucked in her gut, arching her spine – only to make herself even more vulnerable to the green eyed predator on top. Long and slender fingers reached out, grabbed the small of Lightning's back to pull her closer to the attention she was going to receive.

The dominated victim pushed her head into the cushions in frustration and desire; her hoarse, feint moan was sweetest poison as the huntress finally reached her goal, taking the piercing between her teeth and tugging it suggestively.

A guttural sound escaped Lightning's throat. Her fingers entangled in dark strands of hair, challenging the predator to intensify her actions. And of course, Fang didn't mind.

14. Iridescent (dedicated to Soratane)

Lazily, Fang tilted her head to the side, watching the sundown in mild interest. Stretching her well-toned, defined limbs like a lazy cat, the Oerban huntress arched her spine, feeling bones popping back in place. The vibrant colors or reds and oranges created unique highlights in dark and messy curls.

Viridian colored eyes contained that certain spark as the tall woman finally got on her feet, her index finger tapping against the window in absence. Lightning was about to come home any moment. Now, what was she supposed to be? A stupid puppy, waiting for her mistress?

Well. Sometimes, she couldn't help it. She WAS a stupid puppy at times. Waiting for affection that came from her beloved, or the demanding kisses slashing down on her skin like heavy rain. Placing one hand at her hip, Fang sighed. Still no sight. With a low huff, she let herself fall back onto the mattress, lids fluttered close.

Everything was silent around her as she dozed off, unaware of things to come. If she would have been still around Grand Pulse, each sense would have alarmed her at the slightest change. The huntress had to admit though, she became lazy now that she lived with someone else, being safe with no reason to be aware.

Her eyes snapped open as her body registered a slight change, weight shifting on the mattress. With a hazy glance, she watched a dark silhouette, creeping on her fours and caging her. Steel-blue eyes pinned her down into the sheets, a faint smile apparent on a doll-like face; champagne colored hair tickled Fang's chest as she tried to arch against the intruder.

With incredible speed, slender hands gripped her wrists, keeping her in place.

"Hey, Gorgeous… "

Their noses brushed against each other in a daily greeting-ritual.


((more to come. Hopefully. Mostly I write them to kill time, or when my muse is pretty dead... o.o; ))
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