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A Quiet Appeal to Future Fanfiction Authors

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A Quiet Appeal to Future Fanfiction Authors

Post by BMeph on Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:54 am

Heh-heh, such a pompous title. Of course, I'm a pompous kind of guy, even when self-effacing, so I guess it fits.

Anyway, consider this a fiction/fictional PSA, especially since we (collectively) take great pride at flying the ShizNat flag high around here.

So, we all know - and love - Natsuki's love for mayo, but don't know how to get it to work with ramen and rice. Let me add a new word to your vocabulary:


It's spelled just like it sounds! More importantly, it's a very Japanese snack food, sometimes called a "savory pancake" or "Japanese pizza" but I think we can agree that this one characteristic of this cabbage-and-taro-based delicious griddle wonder will make all the difference to future stories:

Okonomiyaki are made to eat slathered in mayo.

So, anyone that likes their anime "old school" (besides me, that is), feel free to make some Mai-HiME/Ranma crossover fics, where Natsuki and Ukyou are joined at the hip.

Mayo. It's not just for Western food, anymore!

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