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Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

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Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

Post by The Fire Stirring Ruby on Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:42 am


"Speech" - Shouting

"Speech" – thinking

word - emphasis

"Speech" – regular conversation

"March 8th of the year has finally come again," a brown haired young woman wearing glasses above her freckled cheeks thought. She wore her Fuuka Academy uniform comprising of a white long sleeves, an orange and white vest on top and a gray skirt right above her knee. She was right outside her house, her hands clasped as if praying and it leaned on her face.

"Today is my birthday… I wonder what gift I would receive for this year from her this year?"

She walked the smooth concrete pathways of the Fuuka Academy. The cherry blossom trees within that way were surprisingly blooming, despite that it was a little bit early for it to happen. She was walking past it while the cherry blossoms fell to the ground, a scenario looking very beautiful to reality. The young lady kept sauntering the lane, her eyes looking to the ground in deep thought. Her long, thoughtful look was shattered when someone patted her shoulder. A blonde woman wearing a yellow-green sailor-like uniform with an armband on her left arm was seen as the brown-haired youth turned around.

'Good morning, Yukino!" the busty, blonde woman greeted with a fiery demeanor. Yukino was surprised yet happy to see the woman in the early morn'. This woman was her most important person when the Festival was still on its peak. She had done everything and anything she could do for her protection. Now that the Festival is over, her worries are at least toned down to a sheer level.

"Oh, good morning to you too, Haruka," she responded cheerfully to match the other ones. Yukino felt her own heartbeat pumping faster."Should I remind her?"

Knowing Haruka, Yukino knew that there are times Haruka would forget about this very important day to her. Yukino remembered the time when they were just in second year junior high. The same day and Haruka was busy preparing for the cherry blossoms festival at their campus. She had to remind Haruka of her birthday at the end of the day and Haruka had promptly paid her dinner at a fast-food to remedy her loss.

"Um… H-H-Haruka, you d-do remember this day of the year to be i-important, right?" Yukino nervously chanted.

Haruka flicked her hair with such confidence and replied her gleefully, "Of course, I do! Why would I forget this day?" Yukino had a sigh of relief at the blonde's response. "This day will be marked as the day that I will smash that bubuzuke woman for this year's cherry blossom festival! She has been taking the scene for years and it's time for me to enter the limelight!" the blonde woman continued her proclamation. The blonde laughed to her "future glory". Yukino's relief vanished in an instant and was replaced by weariness.

"You mean ochazuke, Haruka," Yukino corrected Haruka. "Oh my, just when I thought she did remember… I guess it really is no use to ask her if she remembers," Yukino thought sadly. Although Haruka had this shortcoming always occurring to important events, especially of birthdays, Yukino never minded the times Haruka would forget because they always have had spent the day happily and within the hours they've spent, they had the enjoyable times. She may not receive any gifts from her, but spending the whole with her loved one is enough to be considered as a gift. This time around, she really expected for Haruka to bring her a present as lovers, so she wouldn't miss her Haruka for a day.

"If you're going to do better than Shizuru-kaichou, you'd better get going to your classroom and start decorating it, Haruka-chan," Yukino said to her. Haruka looked at Yukino with embarrassment and reprimanded her in a whisper, "Didn't I tell not to call me 'Haruka-chan' in public?" Yukino snickered and smiled to her, "I'm sorry; I just got carried away, that's all! Now off you go, Haruka," She grinned and ran towards the high school building.

Yukino sighed deeply while walking the pathway slowly. "This year, she's going to graduate and I am left here without any remembrances of her. Oh dear…" She was looking at the ground and she stopped when she saw feet in front of her. She lifted her head up to see an orange-haired girl plastered with a happy aura.

"Hey Yukino, happy birthday!" the girl greeted.

"Oh, it's you Mai! Why thank you for greeting me!" Yukino responded. Her thoughts of Haruka were wiped away for a moment at least. Mai went closer to Yukino and said, "I've got a present for you! But I'll give it to you later this day because… it is something you'd really like to have. A cake that fits for your day!"

Yukino's face glowed as she heard what she said. "Really? Gee, thanks Mai!" Mai stood and bade goodbye to Yukino. "Well, at least there are some people who don't forget important events." It healed a bit to Yukino's invisible hole. It wasn't too big or too small; it was like a fist in size to her chest. The feeling of emptiness she felt earlier was its cause to form within her. The feeling that her most important person forgets her own birthday and she's graduating at the end of spring.

As she went along the way, her friends, who were just like her, a HiME, greeted her with such glee. They knew this was a happy day for her and some even gave her presents. Midori gave her an in-depth novel about romance; Sister Yukariko handed her a silver rosary which was intended for her protection from the Lord; and Akira gave a nice sunset painting to her. The others just gave their salutations to her warmly.

She went to the student council room and there was the president, Shizuru Fujino, having a nice cup of green tea at her desk. When she went to her desk, the red-eyed, light-brown haired president approached her to her desk and meekly smiled at her. She had a cup of tea with her and gave it to Yukino.

"Ara, Yukino, you look somewhat depressed when it's your birthday. Here, have a cup of tea to make you feel better," the lady said, laying the cup beside Yukino's laptop. Yukino thanked the young lady for giving her something that could give warmth to her lifeless day. She sipped some of the tea and its warmth trailed down from her throat down to the gaping hole in her chest. She felt somewhat a whole lot better. Her pale face had returned its radiance like it did on regular days. The president succeeded in her aim, to make her feel better.

"So, what is the cause of your weariness?" the student council president asked her. Yukino propped the cup onto her desk and answered that it was Haruka who made her worry like this. "She forgot my birthday for the umpteenth time already," she added. Shizuru smiled at her and replied in a very calming manner, "You know, don't worry about it too much. I'm sure that she will recuperate for her loss without even knowing it. Wait, I have a suggestion for you. Why not spend the whole day with her? I'm pretty convinced that that will make convenience to the two of you." Yukino was surprised by her senpai's suggestion. Sure, it is a good idea to spend the day with her instead of expecting a gift from her somehow.

Shizuru looked at the wall clock at their office and told Yukino, "If you'll excuse me Yukino, I'll be in our classroom now. We are certainly preparing for the cherry blossom festival and I dare not miss it. Perhaps Haruka is the one in-charge of decorating the class 3-B. I'll be going now." The Kanto region girl left the room.

Yukino was left alone, and was kept pondering on the suggestion of the president. She finally stood up and gained strength. "Alright, I'll be helping Haruka-chan in decorating this year's festival!" She shyly went to her lover's homeroom and peeked at the door to look for Haruka. Her eyes found her at the center of the room. As per usual, she's commanding her classmates to do work, work and nothing but work. She heard her voice loud and clear though she's outside the room. She held a paper and two male classmates of hers were her "soldiers" to command with.

"…and I want this message to be larger than this one, got it?" Haruka ordered them. She pointed out at the paper and showed it to them. Yukino wondered what that message could be. The two guys nodded in comprehension. "What are you waiting for? Go already!" The students got scared and saluted their "commander" and said, "Yes, ma'am!" They rushed outside the classroom, passing by Yukino who just avoided in their way. "I want that to be handed to me before three o'clock!"

One of the students who were at Haruka's back whispered to his friend, "She had really become bossy at this particular time, hadn't she?" The man didn't knew that Haruka even heard of his comment and replied to him with a vein protruding in her head from anger, "Mikoto? For your information, I am not Mikoto at this rate! I am leading you to make this room better!" She made a headbutt to her classmate in sheer annoyance.

Yukino, who heard all of Haruka's explanation, sighed in dismay and pushed her glasses back up. "Haruka, you mean pushy, right? You're going too far."

Haruka saw Yukino outside the classroom and called out her name. She went outside their room and glared at her classmates. "Get back to work!" She shut the door off and breathed in several times before facing her lover. "What are you doing here during class hours? Shouldn't you be in your classroom, decorating it?"

Yukino sheepishly replied to her, "I am supposed to be there, but I'd rather help you out in decorating too." The blonde grinned and replied to her, "There's no need to help me decorating here at our homeroom." Yukino was disheartened to what she heard. She needs not her help at this time. "Besides, I already know that they got what I told them to do, so they'll be fine on their own. Perhaps you could help me decorating my desk for the last time before I graduate here?" The glasses girl's face lit up in excitement and replied happily," Of course, Haruka."

Yukino couldn't hide her happiness. They got in the council room and went straight to Haruka's desk and started to clean it up first before decorating it. Piles of paper were retrieved from her desk and the important ones got left. Cobwebs got into her drawers underneath and dust engulfed her desk for the most part. It hadn't taken them half a day to clean, decorate and even polish the secretary-general's desk. Haruka looked at clock. "It's just noon. How about we eat together? I'm just going to buy a bento (a Japanese take-out food) outside."

Yukino was lucky to bring two lunch boxes. She told Haruka not to go outside and she has one. Haruka opened the box to see an extra spicy curry. "This is my favorite! Thanks a lot, Yukino. I love you," she said happily. Indeed, they are secretly lovers to most of the academy students, on for about more than a year already. Few trusted people know about this.

Yukino was about to eat a spoonful of her own lunch but she accidentally poured it to her skirt after hearing those three words. Haruka was no more than surprised than Yukino. She brought out her handkerchief and wiped the small stain to her. "Thanks, Haruka. I love you too." Haruka blushed and embarrassingly told her to continue eating. After eating, Haruka suggested that they decorate Yukino's desk. "So my desk wouldn't be lonely being the only one which was decorated," she added. She smiled and Yukino's hole in her chest felt no more emptiness but happiness. She was grateful that both of them love each other and both never fail to give so much affection.

Time flew by like it was just five minutes. Haruka hadn't noticed it until she looked at the clock. "Whoa, look at the time! Golly, it's quarter to three! I must get my tarpaulin at our room. See you later!" She bolted to the door, hastily ran and closed the door. She returned immediately and said to Yukino, "Can we talk to each other alone? I'll see you at the playground around five o'clock, alright? Gotta go!" Off ran the secretary-general.

"That tarpaulin Haruka made seems to be of much importance! I wonder why…"

Five o'clock struck the clock at the playground. Yukino came to the place very curiously. As she looked at the surroundings with curiousness, she felt memories lingering to her mind.

The day the she met Haruka.

The day where she protected her from those guys and they formed a friendship.

This was the place that had witnessed it all.

On her birthday, which Haruka forgot, this will be the most vivid to her memory of her high school life.

She let her eyes wander for a while and she saw Haruka by the swing, her hands on her hips. She wore her yellow-green academy uniform.

"You came at last," she said. Yukino went closer to her lover.

"What is it that you want me to talk about?" Yukino inquired.

Haruka replied, "You do remember that you asked me this morning if I do remember about this day, don't you?" Yukino nodded in affirmation. "Well, in truth, I do remember something but it's not about the bubuzuke woman or the cherry blossom festival. Today's your birthday, right?" Her lover smiled in glee.

"Haruka, I thought you'd totally forget about my birthday," she said, tears flowing in her eyes. Yukino hugged her while Haruka wiped the tears off of Yukino's eyes.

"Don't cry like that," she pursed. "Hey, I've got a present that you won't be able to forget."

"Really, you have a gift for me?" she looked up to her. Haruka put her hand to the pocket of her skirt. "Yukino, it has been a year and a half since we're on. Both of us know that we love each other so much that we'd be on the verge of killing to protect one another." Yukino stepped back and replied affirmatively. "I am certain that you'll be having your debut party at your home and I am one of those people who you'll be chasing with."

"You meant dancing, right?" Yukino corrected her.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. I, too, am in my eighteenth year of existence. So let me ask you one thing, Yukino…" Haruka snapped her fingers and off came a giant tarpaulin with a message. Yukino was very astonished to see the giant tarpaulin before her. "Haruka-chan, you made this message"

"Please," Haruka said in a pleading manner.


"Yes, Yukino?"

"I think you have misspelled the word," Yukino pointed out. She didn't have any idea what was Haruka's intended message to be. The tarpaulin mentioned:

Happy birthday, Yukino!

Will you carry me?

"What?" Haruka cried out. She turned around, horror-stricken. "Just when I thought I spelled it right," she mumbled to herself. Yukino got even more curious. "What do you intend to deliver anyway? I couldn't think of any."

Haruka cleared her throat and faced Yukino, very embarrassed at her own error. "Well, my great plan has failed. I guess it's safe to say it."

"Say what?"

Haruka sighed. "Yukino, will you marry me?" she said very slow, emphasizing every word. She kneeled and pulled out from her skirt a black box. She opened it, revealing a ring with a sardonyx gemstone embedded into it.

Yukino cried more because of this. Tears flowed but these aren't tears of sadness or shock. These were tears of ultimate bliss. She hadn't managed to speak for a while.

"Yukino, what is your verdict?" Haruka asked. Yukino wiped her tears away and replied, "Yes, yes, Haruka. I do."

"Oi, did I hear it correctly?" a new voice asked. "Yes, you did Natsuki!" another voice said.

"Who's there?" Yukino asked. "No need to be scared, Yukino. It's just a couple of trustworthy friends," Haruka told her. Confetti poppers popped and out of the bushes came the former HiMEs.

"Well, congratulations to the two of you," Mai said. Her hand was with Tate's hand, the other carrying a box. "This is where my gift comes." She smiled and winked at Haruka, who smiled in return. Practically, everybody came with their respective partners (except for Mikoto and Shiho). Haruka faced her partner and asked, "May I?" she showed the ring. As if silence meant to her yes, she slid the ring to the ring finger of Yukino.

Yukino hugged her now fiancé, whispering to her ear, "Thank you, for making this birthday the most memorable one."

Haruka replied to her, "No problem. Besides, when I graduate then we'll go to the church and say our vows and 'I do'—" She was cut short when Yukino kissed her on the lips passionately. As if on cue, every single lover within the park kissed simultaneously for a short time, letting the birthday girl and her fiancé have the spotlight.

At the party, Yukino's final dancing partner for the eighteen roses was Haruka.

"I will always love you, Haruka-chan," Yukino said.

"I am too, Yukino," Haruka replied, ignoring her embarrassment for being called Haruka-chan in public.

"This is the best birthday I ever had, all thanks to you," Yukino whispered.

Haruka whispered back, "This is a day that I won't definitely forget in eternity."

Indeed, it was a birthday everybody would remember to their memory.

A/N: Back again! I know I have been doing two fanfics at the same time! The other one is on temporary hiatus. I'm making this all for the glory of the Resident HaruKino Fanwhore of the Mai-Multiverse Forum, MidnightPersona.

Anyway, what do you think of the story? Is it cheesy or corny?

Happy New Year, viewers!
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Re: Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

Post by MidnightPersona on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:33 pm

;-; You are amazing Ruby-Chan~ This is wonderful~ I loved it. Had me confused at some parts, but it all made sense when it came together. Wonderful... Also, what does Mikoto mean? xD

x3 Great thing to read today. I really liked it!
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Re: Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

Post by The Fire Stirring Ruby on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:32 pm

MidnightPersona wrote:;-; You are amazing Ruby-Chan~ This is wonderful~ I loved it. Had me confused at some parts, but it all made sense when it came together. Wonderful... Also, what does Mikoto mean? xD

x3 Great thing to read today. I really liked it!

Thanks for the compliment! It was a pleasure to make a fic for the HaruKino fanbase. There is a possibility for me to write a fic for Mai-HiME again with another, well-known pairing. Might be ShizNat.
The Fire Stirring Ruby
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Ramen Noodles Specialist

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Re: Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

Post by hildebrant on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:55 pm

I know you specifically wrote this for Midnight with the sole intention of writing a Haruka/Yukino fic for her but thanks for including Mai/Tate as a pairing in this fic. I really appreciate it
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Re: Greatest Gift (a HaruKino Fic)

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