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Searrs Paradise

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Searrs Paradise

Post by megarockman on Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:45 pm

"Yo, DJ Rocky here bringing you the beats all the way to dawn. Up next we got a bit of West Coast gangsta flavor for all you fake HiME fans out there. Sit tight and get ready, 'cause right now, we're looking at a Searrs Paradise."

Based off of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio.

(karaoke version)


As I walk through the valley where the Academy lies
I take a look at my Miyu and realize that I can’t deny
That I’d been plotting and scheming so long, that
Even the Sister thought that my soul was gone
But what else can you expect if you were in my shoes?
Loyalty and dedication were just what’s due
To the people who created and gave me purpose
Anything less would have been simply ungracious
But the biggest thing I learned by the pond that day
Giving no regard to others also cuts both ways, fool
They don’t give a crap about your suffering or pain
And then you find yourself with a Nine in your brain


Been spending most my life, living for a Searrs paradise
I passed up all kinds of vice living for a Searrs paradise
I was playing cat and mice living for a Searrs paradise
Spent many sleepless nights living for a Searrs paradise

If only you coulda felt your veins course with such power
That great anticipation with the coming of H-Hour
Seeing your whole life’s work on the verge of culmination
About to lead all humanity and unite all every nation
But, lo! The redhead comes and brings it all down
And the others chasing my minions all right outta town
It was a hard fall that I suffered through
An ignominious fate shoulda been my doom
But then that damn crip brought me back from the dead
Just to rub it in my face and get me seeing red
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no ungrateful brat
Just hate been given mercy like that

(Yukariko - bridge)

Let me have a chance, O God, You’ll see
That she too has hope, can be redeemed


She’s spent most her life living for a Searrs paradise
From the time she was a tyke, living for a Searrs paradise
Her innocence was the price living for a Searrs paradise
Who can be her own white knight to pull her away from that paradise


Kidnapping little girls, abusing underlings
Killing Kurauchi, a million other things
The rap sheet that I got, it’s longer than War and Peace
Ain’t no way do I deserve to join in the feast
Upon the corpse of the Festival of the Valkyries
I caused them so much grief, yet they’ve accepted me
Except for Higurashi, for her I must still atone
Such casual dispatchment I can no longer condone
What have you done to me, you manipulative chair
This conscience that you awoke is making me care
And what am I gonna do, I can’t go back to Searrs
Can’t even go into a bar and drown my agony with beers

(Nao - chorus)

She’s been spending most her life living for a Searrs paradise
Never got a proper life living for a Searrs paradise
But now she’s in need of some advice, not working toward Searrs’ paradise
Having fallen from such great heights, living for a Searrs paradise

(Akane - bridge)

Tell me why was she, allowed set free
After what she did, to him and me
Every night in bed, they haunt my dreams
Tell me, Director, what do you see


(Nao) Certainly didn’t play nice, working for a Searrs paradise
(Akane) Can’t think her more than lice, what she did for her paradise
(Yukariko) Give her a chance to do right, let her make a second paradise
(All three) For she’s spent most her life living for a Searrs paradise

I just finished this draft - I'm going to come back later and see where I can tighten the lines.

Lemme know how it flows.

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Re: Searrs Paradise

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:15 pm

Surprisingly enough, the Mai-inspired lyrics you're giving 'Paradise' flows naturally well. Without anyone looking (because I ain't the most ghetto person on the planet) I tried a sing-a-long with the instrumental video and almost everything felt natural. :) Keep it up dude.


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