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MM SugoiCon Panel: WE NEED YOU!

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Re: MM SugoiCon Panel: WE NEED YOU!

Post by Sergay Tate on Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:14 pm

Name: Sergay Tate

Title: Devourer of Kangaroos

Age: 21

Favorite character(s): Mai, Tate, Natsuki Kruger, Haruka Armitage, Nao Zhang

Favorite Pairing: TatMai

Your sites:

Why Is Mai HiME/Otome and Mai-Multiverse important to you?:
Mai HiME came to me at a time in my life where i was pretty down on everything and just felt completely detached from the world. it taught me alot about myself (as Tate is alot like myself) and it taught me to just see the beauty in the world. it shows that alot of bad stuff can happen, but that there is always something to look forward to. and for the last year and a half it has helped me through alot of things.

as for Mai-Multiverse, it gives me somewhere to go where i can express myself fully, and it even has a rant thread to rant on about the bad stuff. i've met a lot of awesome people on MM, and it's given me a fantastic insight to the worlds of people i never knew existed, and has allowed to me to see from many different points of view. even when the world has gotten me down, MM can always pick me back up again.
Sergay Tate
Cat Goddess
Cat Goddess

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Re: MM SugoiCon Panel: WE NEED YOU!

Post by Yuri-hime on Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:59 pm

Name: Yuri-hime

Favorite character(s): Shizuru, Haruka, Nao, Mikoto, Mashiro

Favorite Pairing: Shizuru/Natsuki, Shizuru/Haruka, Shizuru/Nao, Mashiro/Arika

Your sites:

Why Is Mai HiME/Otome and Mai-Multiverse important to you?:

The Mai series is a beautiful series. I've loved it from day one when the series first began premiering in Japan, and the best and #1 anime store in my state, Tate's Anime, would get the subbed DVDs every month. So, I always excitedly looked forward to the next 4 episodes to be released on DVD. I devoured the episodes as they came out, and once it was finished premiering I jumped straight into fanfiction for this amazing series, and have been going strong for it ever since ^.^

What Mai-Multiverse means to me, is that it's a place for all of us fans of the series to gather, and share our love for this series. But what make this place even more special is that we also all gather to share our lives, our joys, our sadness, or loves, our heartbreaks, our downs and our ups. Mai Multiverse is wonderful place created by Luu Sky Sapphire, who you can tell from the very first time you visit the site, put his entire heart and soul into this place. That was how it was for me when I first joined. I could feel the love and camaraderie that flowed all through this forum. I love being here, and I look forward to being here each and every day~ =3

Coral student
Coral student

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Re: MM SugoiCon Panel: WE NEED YOU!

Post by SpiralDasher on Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:00 am

Name: SpiralDasher

Title: Self-Proclaimed, Number One Midori/Youko (Yohko) Fan!

Age: Eternally 17! ;D

Favorite character(s): Midori Sugiura/Aswad and Yukariko Sanada

Favorite Pairing: Midori/Youko (Yohko)

Your sites: (LittleDemonInside): (AgentShiver):

Why is Mai HiME/Otome important to you?
Mai Hime/Otome is the first fandom I ever wrote for. It started my writing career, a career I wish to perfect and turn professional so I can start writing my own fictional stories. I also met my girlfriend while writing Mai Hime fanfiction and we’ve been together for a year and a half now.

What drew me into Mai Hime is the conflict each of the characters had to face, and how each of their true natures were exposed raw as the Carnival raged on. They each dealt with the problems in their own way, whether they faced it head-on, succumbed to it or tried to run away from it for as long as they could, and that was a nice change from the other anime I’d seen up until then. It was emotional and the characters were sympathetic; I enjoyed watching the anime to the end.

I found out about the Shiznat pairing after watching the show and reading a few fanfiction stories. I wrote a few pieces for them but eventually started to branch out and write for other pairings; that’s when I came upon the Midori/Youko pairing. I love these two to bits; they’re both wonderful characters and they fit so well together. Midori/Youko is definitely my favorite pairing and it always will be!
Coral student
Coral student

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Re: MM SugoiCon Panel: WE NEED YOU!

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