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Uta no Prince-sama

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Uta no Prince-sama

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:39 pm

I was introduced to this series by my new friend Vanessa and I have to be honest, this is the first bishonen filled anime I've watched in a LONG time. Not that I have anything against the pretty males (or the yaoi situations they may get themselves into), it's just that with all my yuri filled communities dropping even more yuri at my doorstep, it's hard to find an alternative. THAT alternative has finally arrived and it's called Uta no Prince-sama!


You saved my life, fair maiden. Meet Haruka Nanami, she is a pianist which an obsession for Hayato, her #1 idol. Who many don't seem to like in this series. Gee, some idol! Hayato's brief mentioning says that he's like Weird Al in his style of music. Only if Al were Japanese...short haired....young.....and gay.

Hoping to capture his heart one day, she enters Saotome Academy. A co-ed academy (doesn't seem like it...BISHIE EVERYWHERE!!!) with many young promising students and colorful supporting characters. Now I'm only in the third episode, but oh my god, what is up with some of these characters!? To get Haruka out of the way, she's your typical nice girl; fish out of water character. I don't like tossing the word "cliche" at characters like this because who can't feel sympathy for the nice girl? They're so unrealistic, like a NICE pet cat!

By the way, The Headmaster's entrance was so epic, that it couldn't be posted here. (okay I couldn't find a clip. Look up the first episode and find it!)

Haruka is not alone when the beautiful Shibuya Tomochika joins her! She's such a thimble full of catnip that, without her, Haruka would be seriously lost. It doesn't take long to meet several of the bishonen around the Academy, most of them introduce themselves to Haruka as if she were the last female left on Earth.

: Uh, helloooooo?

It turns out that the students aren't the only ones with charisma, check out their teachers:


o_o What?

So afterward, more bishonen and antics begin to ensue around Haruka. It will take a few more viewings to remember the guy names, what I do remember is the comedy scenes between them. This series reminds me so much of Fushigi Yuugi, I swear. The return of those randomly placed over-the-top SD scenes. And you know what? I LOVE IT! Check this out:

Later on we get to discover more of Haruka's back story, how she started playing the piano and Hayato. They were very brief explanations that could of been elaborated, I mean she is the main character and Hayato means a lot to her so...

Jiminy crickets!! HOW DID HE GET HERE!? FATE!? DESTINY!? Well it turns out he is not Hayato, but his twin brother; Ichinose Tokiya.. So HE says. BULLSHIT I says; tricked I was. He could just be Hayato simply hating his alter-ego or something like that. In a series with such a strong air of mystery; nothing is certain. Now, am I sold on this series so a far? YES. The characters are fun, it's a "reverse" harem anime, it has that Fushigi Yuugi feel (comedy wise) and how could you not love the Headmaster? That guy could outperform Lady Gaga on his worst day! When I'm finished with the series, I'll give it a final review.

I am Luu Sky Sapphire. Live and in your pantsu.


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Re: Uta no Prince-sama

Post by shezaei-neko on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:30 am

For some reason, this series just reminds me 'La Corda D'Oro'. Whichi is basically the same.
A reversed Harem, with a girl studying in a music school with lots of guys following her around as if the last pepsi on the world.

Is this series any good?? I watched 'La corda d'oro' and liked it because of the music. But I'm not too sure about this one...

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Re: Uta no Prince-sama

Post by depression76 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:51 pm

I've been wanting to watch this xD

I like the blue haired guy at first glance, but hasn't had the chance to give this series a try.


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Re: Uta no Prince-sama

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