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Tokyo 2081 (Working on a better title)

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Tokyo 2081 (Working on a better title)

Post by Blackfang64 on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:56 am

Author: This is an idea that's been hovering around my head. I haven't published this on FanFiction yet as i'm in need of some guinea pigs to give this a read Razz enjoy!

-Natsuki Kuga-

A thick scent of ashes and smoke plagued around her nose as she went for a sip of her drink. Letting the bitter tasting liquid swirl around in her mouth, the azure haired woman swallowed it down letting out a soft sigh. Her jade eyes drifted away from her glass, observing the poorly lit area she had been sitting in. Taking a glance around the room, the woman found very few people in the bar, some hid within the darkened areas, probably drowning their sorrows to her guess.

The sound of a door opening brought in a brief aura of light into the bar before it descended away. Walking in was a man looking to be in his late thirties with bushy brown hair, wearing a trench coat that went down hovering no more than an inch from the ground. Adjusting the small pair of glasses that sat before his eyes, he looked around before a smile crept along his face at the sight of an azure haired woman.

Looks like I’ve got company

The woman blankly stared down into her glass, pulling back a lock of cobalt blue hair revealing long, cobalt haired ears that resembled closely with that of an animal. Her ears tuned to the sound of footsteps coming closer towards her before the figure took a seat beside her. “Is it so hard to drink in peace, Kaiji?” an icy tone brought a pair of emerald orbs piercing fiercely at the man beside her.

“It’s only one o’clock in the afternoon and you’re already drinking” a soft chuckle escaped from Kaiji as he signalled the bar tender for a drink. “And that’s chief Sakomizu, Natsuki” feeling a small vibration coming from his pocket, the man turned his attention away from his drink.

“Whatever. If you’re here to lecture me, then just leave me in peace” taking another sip of her drink, Natsuki’s attention was averted elsewhere by her the long raven blue tail sticking up behind her.

Shit, this can’t be good...

“As much as I would, I’m afraid something has come up. Looks like we’re needed on the scene” taking a quick gulp of his drink, Kaiji excused himself from his seat as he left a few yen coins next to his glass.

“Is it really too much to ask for an afternoon of drinking?” Natsuki rhetorically asked no one, finding Kaiji had already left the bar.

This better be important...


Following the coordinates of GPS, Natsuki’s eyes turned away from the small map in the visor of the helmet as she carefully avoided the traffic. Enjoying the sound of eruption coming from her Ducati DRIII, Natsuki picked up speed due to the traffic thinning out as she came along the highway.

To think no one uses these things anymore, well except for some.

Twenty minutes later worth of driving led her to her destination. Already she could see a few police cars outside a particular house, a small barricade was formed around the cars as officers were instructing nearby bystanders to move along. Circling around the few bystanders, Natsuki parked before the barricade grabbing the attention of a nearby officer. “Excuse me miss, you can’t park here” came the officer’s harsh tone as he approached Natsuki.

“Officer Kuga Natsuki of the District One Force” removing her helmet, Natsuki flashed her identification before the officer, watching with a look of delight at the sight of the police officer tensing up in fear.

“M-my apologies, Officer Kuga” saluting Natsuki as though they were in the military, the officer stepped aside to allow Natsuki through. These were the things she really loved about her job. She now felt a bit better about leaving the precious liquor behind.

Ascending off her bike, Natsuki reached behind taking hold of a small black leather jacket as she suited up. A tight black biking suit with few red streaks that ran up her legs was perfectly wrapped around her porcelain skin. Also a few parchments of body armour covered the top of her chest and her shoulders. Jade eyes flashed a death glare at the officer staring at her as she walked past him with a stern look.

He was checking me out wasn’t he? Bloody men, they’re all perverts. I should make him trip on my tail oh so accidentally, just to have a reason for a good punch.

Finding Kaiji already there waiting for her, Natsuki quickly approached her superior.

“What’s the situation?” Natsuki’s eyes wandered away towards the window, noticing two holes in the broken glass.

“Two victims, a male and a female in their early forties. Fujino Hiro and Fujino Kira” Kaiji replied as he handed Natsuki two data files.

Pulling up the data files, Natsuki skimmed their profiles before handing them back to Kaiji. “What’s the Kiyo clan?”

“An alien race like you, half human, half reptile, snakes to be precise. They were of the Kiyo-Hime, the higher classed title of the Kiyo clan” walking up to the steps, Kaiji stepped aside allowing Natsuki to go in first.

Natsuki’s eyes scanned around her location, taking in the various expensive and luxurious furniture’s and paintings. “They certainly were wealthy” coming out from the hallway, Natsuki found the specific area of investigation. On the ground were pools of blood with numbers sitting beside them to her guess is where the bodies had been laying.

Crime scene photographers were taking pictures of the various areas of the obvious murder.

Natsuki’s gaze drifted away from the mess as she stumbled upon a girl, who was probably only a few years younger than herself, being interviewed by one of the officers. “Who’s she?” directing Kaiji’s gaze, Natsuki pointed over towards the girl with long honey chestnut hair, dressed in a white school uniform.

“The victim’s daughter, Fujino Shizuru. She found her parents dead after returning from school and called us up.” finding that his assistance was needed elsewhere, Kaiji left the cobalt haired woman alone.

Natsuki stood there silent, her jaded eyes fixed upon the young girl as if somehow she had been hypnotised by her. Shaking her head to break from the trance, the blunette walked over towards the girl, keeping a calm and cool demeanour. “Excuse me, mind if I talk to her?” grabbing the officer’s attention, the man just nodded as he walked away, handing Natsuki the notes. “Now, Miss...” Natsuki’s eyes rose away from the notes as she stared up into the bewildering crimson stained eyes before her, finding herself once again lost in a trance.

“Fujino... Shizuru” the girl said between sniffs, as tears were slowly sliding down her cheeks.


Reaching into her pocket, the blunette pulled out a raven blue handkerchief, as she brought it before the face of the upset girl. “Here.”

Accepting the handkerchief with a weary smile, Shizuru wiped away what tears she had as she tried to regain a normal composure. “Arigato”

Hmmm, she’s supposed to be part reptile, yet I can’t see any differences. Maybe it’s her eyes.

Ignoring her thoughts, Natsuki’s eyes scanned over the notes before looking back up at Shizuru. “So Fujino-san, do you know anyone that might possibly have a grudge or sorts against your family?”

Shizuru shook her head in response, in which Natsuki noticed the girl’s cheeks were still inflamed from the salty tears.

Shit, she looks like she’s about to cry again. Go easy on your questions Kuga!

Natsuki started to scratch herself behind her ear, just like she always did when she got a bit uncomfortable.

“Could you-”

“Your ears.” cutting off the blunette, Shizuru’s eyes wandered innocently around Natsuki’s body, particularly the girl’s cobalt haired ears and tail. “And tail, are you of the Duran Duran race?” Shizuru’s eyes flashed a glimpse of excitement as a smile began to form along her lips.


“Wow, I’ve never met an actual Duran Duran before. You look just like a puppy” a small image flashed through Shizuru’s eyes of a puppy as she compared it to the older blunette before her.

“I’m not a puppy, I’m a wolf!” Natsuki growled in response, finding it hard to keep her cool. The one thing she hated above all was when people say she looks like a puppy, usually this ends with a bruise on the person’s face or a few gunshots being randomly fired around the individual.

Resist the urge to kill, resist...

To Natsuki’s surprise, she found Shizuru laughing. Cocking a brow, Natsuki looked around her trying to figure out why Shizuru was laughing when she noticed a blush ascending onto her cheeks.

Shit, I’m blushing! I’ll get her!

But for some reason, Natsuki felt her anger going away at the sight of the younger girl smiling. Rather than to bother with the laughing honey brunette, Natsuki just sighed in defeat.

“Natsuki!” capturing the blunette’s attention, Kaiji wavered his hand for her to come over as she did. “I want you to take Miss Fujino down to the station, okay?”

“What? Why me?” Natsuki asked, slightly annoyed and pissed off for some reason.

“You seem to be getting along with the girl, I figured it would be easier for her to go with you.” fearing the death glare Natsuki was giving him, Kaiji resisted it as much as he could as he pointed Natsuki’s gaze over at Shizuru.

Seeing the young girl’s smile begin to fade, Natsuki couldn’t help but sigh once more in defeat. “Fine…” not sounding the least bit pleased, Natsuki made her way back over towards Shizuru. “We’re going to take you down to the station for further questions, okay?”

“Hai.” Shizuru nodded, bowing her head as she kept a calm composure around her. Following Natsuki out of the room, Shizuru walked closely behind the blunette as she led her away towards the front door.

“The station’s not far from here, so-” Natsuki’s sharp ears suddenly twitched under the sound of a gun barrel loaded in the distance. Her mind froze in place. “Get down!” time had slowed before Natsuki’s eyes as she reached for Shizuru’s wrist, grabbing hold of the crimson-eyed beauty as she pulled the girl towards her. Unfortunately with Natsuki being only a few steps from where Shizuru was standing, Natsuki found the girl falling towards her sending the two flying to the ground.

A gunshot rang out through the midst of it all, soon followed by the sound of screams and panic of nearby bystanders.

Opening her eyes, Natsuki was met with two things: One being a sharp pain running along her back and two… an unusual warmth against her lips. Regaining consciousness, Natsuki found herself lying on the ground which explained the pain coming from her back. As for the warmth on her lips, well....

What the fu-?!

Emerald eyes stared up in shocked as they were drawn into the depths of a certain pair of crimson stained eyes. Natsuki’s eyes slowly rolled down Shizuru’s face as it found the source of warmness.

Shit, you’ve got to be kidding me!

Upon seeing the girl’s lips capturing hers, Natsuki could feel her face turning beet red as she regained movement of her arms and legs. Throwing both hands at either side of Shizuru’s shoulders, Natsuki pushed with all her might as Shizuru parted away from Natsuki and her body. Pushing the young girl aside, Natsuki was quick on her feet as she searched around for where the shot had come from.

That was to close...

Eyeing back to find Shizuru okay, except for the blush on her cheeks and the awkward glance in her eyes, Natsuki’s eyes trailed away finding a small hole above the door frame from where they had been standing. Steam slowly ascended out before it faded away. She brought her face closer to the point of entry and literally started to sniff around. Her race sure was beneficial for police work. The sharpened senses had helped her a lot cracking cases in the past and she learned trusting them and following every tiny lead. She inhaled the scent deeply in hope to filter any odds. To a human it probably only might smell like burned wood but her nose was able to make out more than that. It was another kind of scent that she never smelled before but found oddly familiar at the same time. Despite that it was more of a stench to her because it was like a poising that was creeping up her nose, making her eyes watery from the burning.

Kaiji came running outside accompanied by two police officers as they found Natsuki staring above their heads. “Kuga, what happened?”


“An assassination?” Kaiji asked once more, sitting back in his chair.

Sitting opposite side of the table, Natsuki leaned forward with intent and flamed emerald eyes. “That’s my guess at least. The bullet itself was a Kyro-chromolian calibre, mostly used by snipers. Judging by where the bullet had impacted, we can assume it was meant for that girl.”

“You were lucky the person had missed, that was some quick thinking there Natsuki.” smiling proudly of the blunette’s work, Kaiji’s gaze was led astray towards the window outside his office.

Following along Kaiji’s eyesight, Natsuki stared out through the window at the sight of the honey brunette girl sitting outside with tears in her eyes as the police man questioned her. “What of her?” the sudden change of softness in her tone didn’t go unnoticed by Kaiji.

“Hm, we’ll be keeping her under our care for now. I’ll assign someone to look after her.” tilting his glasses, Kaiji brought Natsuki’s attention away noticing a small glimpse of sadness in the blunette’s eyes. “If your right about it being an assassination attempt, chances are the killer may strike again.”

“Understood.” quick to her feet, Natsuki was about to leave Kaiji’s office. But before closing the door she turned around once more. “I would like to have you take a closer look on the bullets. I believe they are ‘special’.” Kaiji stared at the closed door with a puzzled look after the girl had left him with this mysterious statement. Feeling a small growl coming from her stomach, Natsuki felt her cravings coming onto her.

I think a stop at Mai’s couldn’t hurt.

The thought of a particular food began to drift around Natsuki’s mind as she hurried out of the building, oblivious to a certain pair of crimson eyes trailing her.


“Here you go, Natsuki.” The blunette’s gaze lifted away from her coke staring up at the busty saffron haired girl with amethyst eyes smiling at her. Placing a bowl of ramen noodles before the starving wolve-girl, the woman couldn’t help but chuckle at the girl’s ears perking up past her hair in delight. “Even after all these years, your habits don’t change.”

“Watch it Mai.” snapping out in a cold tone, Natsuki pouted innocently as she reached out for the bottle of Mayonnaise. Natsuki’s gaze trailed away around her location, finding herself being among the few customers in the diner. Squeezing the mayonnaise into her food, Natsuki’s ears couldn’t help but bring a twitch along the blunette’s eyes of the sounds of some sort of wild animal munching down into the food. “Could you tell your pet to eat properly?” directing Mai’s gaze at her, Natsuki pointed over to the short jet black haired teen girl eating happily as on instance the girl’s eyes were away from her food.

“Coming from the woman whose drowned the entire dish in mayonnaise?” directing the blunette’s gaze down at her bowl, Mai slyly grinned as she watched the Natsuki retract her argument and quietly ate her food. “Mikoto, try to use your chopsticks at least.” Mai called out, perking out a cheerful nod from the girl in the distance.

“I just don’t know what you see in that girl sometimes, Mai.” slurping away the noodles, Natsuki’s gave her busty friend a questioning look.

Mai smiled happily as she leaned back against the counter. “Well, she makes life more... interesting, to say.”

“I just don’t get your tastes.”

“Vice versa.” referring to the meal that contained more mayonnaise then food itself in front of Natsuki.

“Not that- urgh, never mind.” not wanting to bother debating about her love of mayonnaise, Natsuki kept quiet but it didn’t drive away her busty friend.

“Well, you should find a nice person to love, Natsuki.” Mai suggested out of the blue, throwing the blunette slightly off guard.

“I don’t need someone like that. Or better said something like that.” dropping one of her chopsticks, Natsuki silently cursed the wooden utensil.

“It doesn’t have to be a guy, it could be a girl.”

Upon hearing the word ‘girl’ an image flashed through Natsuki’s mind of a particular honey brown girl sending shivers through her body.

Fuck, why did that have to happen?! I should’ve just left her, at least then I wouldn’t have to be haunted by that stupid kiss!

Noticing the sudden change in Natsuki’s aura, not to mention the woman’s ears dying down as though something bad happened, Mai cautiously stepped away from the blunette, hurrying over towards Mikoto.

At least I won’t have to see her again, see, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The small tune playing from inside of Natsuki’s pocket brought her out from her thoughts as she reached in. Looking at the ID of the caller, Natsuki brought it up to her ear. “Kaiji, what’s up?” Natsuki sat calmly as she listened to what Kaiji was saying. “You want me to WHAT?!” Natsuki erupted out in rage.

I spoke to soon...

-Meanwhile elsewhere...-

Darkness covered the room as the only light came from the small light on a phone machine. A small ringing soon followed as a hand emerged from the shadows, switching the machine to speaker. “Yes?” came the raspy deep voice of the figure.

“Target has been eliminated.” came the mechanised voice on the other end of the phone.

“Very well” switching the speaker off, the figure sat back calmly within the shadows. “It seems the countdown has begun, for now the events will play out as you have forseen...” a hearty chuckle came from the figure’s lips, as it echoed with hinder into darkness.


Mini Omake:

Natsuki: So Fujino-san, do you know anyone that might-

Shizuru: Oh a puppy, who’s a good girl (eagerly runs up to Natsuki, scratching the girl behind the ear)

Natsuki: I’m not a puppy, I’m part wolf! Stop scratching me- a little to the left (smiles happily, wagging her tail)

Shizuru: Tee hee, you’re so adorable (continually scratches Natsuki)

Kaiji: (sighs) The mighty Kuga, reduced to a mere puppy. Is this judgement day? (Walks away shaking his head)

End of mini Omake:

Author: Let me know if this is any good to continue. Thanx for reading!
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Re: Tokyo 2081 (Working on a better title)

Post by Amaya on Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:07 am

I know every word of the story^^So, you're first trying the story out here before going public on not bad. I also thought of changing the title. We'll figure something out. But I don't think Tokyo 2081 is so bad.
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