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Mai-Psychological Horror Contest Poll [deviantART]

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The winner of the June 2011 MM contest is....

2% 2% 
[ 2 ]
4% 4% 
[ 3 ]
9% 9% 
[ 7 ]
54% 54% 
[ 44 ]
31% 31% 
[ 26 ]
Total Votes : 82

Mai-Psychological Horror Contest Poll [deviantART]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:43 pm

HiME Silence of The Valkyries: Mai-Psychological Horror Contest by Hollowed-Words. HiME

Welcome one and all to the contest voting poll for Mai-Multiverse dA club's June contest. Vote for your favorite author or artist who dazzled you the most and find out the results on July 4th (poll closes this day)! Guests are allowed to vote so even if you're not part of MM Forum, you can still vote! Best of luck to all our talented authors and artists. tomoe Visit or join our deviantART club today:

Mai-Multiverse Superstar: PsychoKat101
Title: Tomoe - One's Worst Enemy...
DeviantART page:
Mai-Series character: Tomoe Marguerite


Yellow Topaz: A fanfiction by MidnightPersona

^ READ!!!!

Mai-Multiverse Superstar: MidnightPersona
Title: Yellow Topaz
DeviantART page:
Fanfiction entry


Mai-Multiverse Superstar: GhibliFreek
Title: Tick Tock
DeviantART page:
Mai-Series character: Mai Tokiha

--- (alternative link)

Mai-Multiverse Superstar: J-Crusader
Title: Red Carbon
DeviantART page:


Mai-Multiverse Superstar: Krystal-of-Nol
Title: MH I'll have her back
DeviantART page:
Mai-Series character: Fumi Himeno




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